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Speech by sixth grade gratitude alma mater

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Speech by sixth grade gratitude alma mater (selected 6)

Speeches can help speakers express themselves better. In our ordinary daily life, speech plays a more and more important role in the speech. I believe that writing a speech is a headache for many people. The following is the speech of sixth grade gratitude alma mater (selected 6 articles) compiled for everyone. It is for reference only, hoping to help you.

 Speech by sixth grade gratitude alma mater (selected 6)

Sixth grade Thanksgiving alma mater speech 1

School is our second family. Every student in the school is a member of this big family. We take care of and help each other. These teachers look in the eyes, naturally very pleased, but the teacher's concern for us is not to be ignored.

5 in Wenchuan, Sichuan. The 12 major earthquakes, the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai Province, and a series of earthquake news are frightening because thousands of people have been buried in front of natural disasters. Therefore, the school specially did the prevention work, the teacher told us that when the earthquake comes, do not panic, to keep calm, and quickly run out of the classroom, run to the playground, and so on a series of earthquake emergency escape knowledge. The teacher in the school not only told us this knowledge orally, but also we practiced it many times. The teacher whistled out the sound to tell you that the earthquake has come, so we all ran to the playground quietly, quickly and in unison. Teachers do this to exercise our reaction ability and escape from the disaster in the shortest time. In addition, in order to be on the safe side, the teachers specially invited the police uncle to protect us, and also specially bought the electric baton, so that those "murderers" had no chance to hurt children.

Recalling these, I would like to thank this primary school, not to mention how much knowledge we have learned and how to behave, but at least our every day is safe.

Sixth grade Thanksgiving alma mater speech 2

Dear teachers and students

hello everyone!

The topic of my speech today is: gratitude to alma mater. Acacia trees swaying in the wind, the rustling of leaves, the loud sound of reading from the tall and tidy teaching buildings, all of which turned into a harmonious symphony, happy flow. This is our campus, our lovely alma mater.

Alma mater, for the past six years, you have created a beautiful and tidy campus for us, you have provided us with a comfortable learning environment, you have made us learn more knowledge, and you have made us set sail successfully. In the past six years, we have grown up happily in your warm arms. You have contributed to us in silence. It is you who have cultivated us from ignorant children to vigorous young people. It is you who have put all these young people on a new journey. You not only give us knowledge, but also teach us to be human. Even if the road ahead is full of thorns, we will be full of confidence and go forward bravely. Thank you, alma mater.

Alma mater, we are about to leave, tears filled our eyes, a kind teacher, a lovely classmate, a clean classroom, a green grass, a tall tree, a solemn statue... All let us nostalgia, a grass? Wood makes us reluctant to give up, but we still have to sail. Goodbye, alma mater.

Alma mater, we are nostalgic for the happy time in your arms, we will never forget your sound and face, is it you who nurtured us here? Seedlings, waiting for us to grow? The towering trees will come back to shade you.

My speech is over, thank you!

Sixth grade Thanksgiving alma mater speech 3

Dear teachers and students

hello everyone!

It's a great honor for me to stand here today to give you a speech. The title of my speech is "how to repay you, my alma mater".

The pace of time is moving quietly. In the twinkling of an eye, it is a cool and fruitful may. In this golden may, we are about to graduate from this school, saying "goodbye" to the teachers who have worked hard and worked hard to cultivate us for six years, and the students who will play with us for six years. In my heart, in addition to the sadness of parting, there is deep gratitude to my alma mater.

Remember, six years ago. My first class in primary school, my mother took my young hand and handed me over to the teacher. Looking at so many children of my age, my heart was particularly excited, but there was a trace of fear of strangers in the excitement. Before long, the bell rang. It seemed that the bell had magic. Every student in the class immediately raised his head and sat upright. This class, the teacher did not teach us knowledge, but let us know each other, speak some of the big truth we do not understand. This benefits us from ignorance. After this class, I had a great change, always stubborn, unreasonable I actually became a good boy: respect for the elders, sincere and tolerant to the students. In the past six years, it is the teachers who have devoted all their efforts to teach us how to be a person, instill all the knowledge into us, and love us like a mother. Here, I want to say to the teacher: "you have worked hard.".

I have an indescribable gratitude to my alma mater's library. My expository writing is very poor. I can't express the main content clearly. Since the school opened the library to us, although the time is not much, I take notes very seriously every time I read, carefully read and taste, absorb good words and sentences from other people's articles and apply them to my own articles. I didn't expect that my expository level has made great progress, even the teacher is very impressed.

Alma mater taught me how to be a man; Alma mater, let me get rich knowledge; Alma mater, let me from a muddle headed child into the present outstanding youth. Soon, I will leave the campus that has been with me for six years. In the future, I can only repay my alma mater's kindness with outstanding achievements, and I also wish my alma mater will cultivate more talents in the future.

My speech is over, thank you!

Sixth grade Thanksgiving alma mater speech 4

Dear teachers and students

Good morning, everyone!

The topic of my speech today is "gratitude - the call of the times". With the development of China's economy, with the entry of Western ideology after the reform and opening up¡° The word "gratitude" is gradually disappearing from our vision. At present, "thanksgiving education" from the central government to the local government has been highly valued. Especially in school education, "thanksgiving education" is to let every student learn to be grateful - learn to be grateful to teachers, schools, parents and society. In the west, there is "Thanksgiving Day", while in Chinese traditional education there is the concept of "giving kindness but not repaying". Education expert Cao Hua said: "gratitude is also a kind of moral character."

"Gratitude" is a kind of attitude towards life, a kind of moral character and a kind of words from the bottom of my heart. If there is no gratitude between people, it will inevitably lead to the coldness of interpersonal relationship. Therefore, everyone should learn to be grateful, which is especially important for children now. Because, now the children are the center of the family, they only know to have their own, do not love others. Therefore, to let us learn to be grateful is to let us learn how to respect others in our studies. Always be grateful for the help of others. Thanksgiving Education lets children know that everyone is enjoying the happy life that others bring to themselves through giving.

Professor Guo Jianguo, an education expert, said: "gratitude is a kind of good feeling. Without a heart of gratitude, children can never truly understand how to respect their parents, understand the people who help them, and will not take the initiative to help others." No sunshine, no warmth; Without water, there is no life; Without parents, we would not have ourselves; Without affection and friendship, the world will be lonely and dark. These are the simple truth, no one can not understand, but we often lack a kind of Thanksgiving thought and psychology. Especially our young generation. They often forget that both life and life need to be grateful. They always think that many things should be taken for granted, including parents' meticulous care, teachers' painstaking teaching, and other people's bounden help... Therefore, to carry out "thanksgiving education" is to wash students' hearts, let us inadvertently observe that maternal love is like the sea, and father's love is like a mountain; In a few words, I feel the teacher's love like a lamp; In the communication with students, I experience the continuous spring breeze of friendship. One's life needs too much support. Only by being grateful can we deeply understand and cherish it.

"Embrace a grateful heart, strive to be a successful person.". Thank others is from the side of the small things to do, such as: mother's day to do a heart card, go home every day to help do a housework, remember the parents' birthday, get help from others say thank you, through these water things to learn to be grateful, every day feel grateful, live happily. In this way, families, classes, schools and even the whole society are more harmonious. Students "gratitude" is not far away. As a new generation of students, we should learn to be grateful and make the school full of love.

It's very hard for our parents to raise us. We should be grateful to our parents. Our classmates help us without asking for return. We should be grateful to our classmates. Teachers should educate us hard. We should be grateful to our teachers. We hope that under the influence of gratitude education, students will know that in the process of our growth, there are many people who pay for us. We are not born easy, We should thank the world, parents, teachers, classmates, and our loved ones and friends. May "gratitude" permeate into every one of us, so that we can thrive in this good learning environment.

Have a grateful heart, let us know to filial piety parents.

Have a grateful heart, let us know how to respect teachers.

Sixth grade Thanksgiving alma mater speech 5

Dear teachers and students

hello everyone!

The topic of my speech today is: "my alma mater's love is deep, and friendship lasts forever.".

Gently wave, in this spring full of spring, frequently turn back, in this warm memories of the beautiful campus, six years, more than 2000 days like water in a hurry. At this moment, it suddenly occurred to me that graduation is coming. Tomorrow I will travel far away. Alma mater, you not only give me knowledge, but also let me understand the truth of life.

I still remember when I was in grade one, Mr. Zhang took my little hand into the classroom, Mr. Tan carefully corrected my homework for me, Mr. Yuan took us to have a happy game on the playground, and Mr. Wen's beautiful song... Little friends grew tall one by one, and you also slowly grew old. How much sweat and effort did you put into our healthy growth, Teacher, you are the beacon of our growth, illuminating our journey ahead.

I remember one time when I was ill and missed many courses. When I went back to school, the teacher helped me to make up my lessons. My friends asked me about my illness with concern. More enthusiastic students lent me class notes and patiently explained exercises to me. Seeing everyone's busy figure, I quietly shed tears. What a warm picture, what a touching scene! It is the unity and friendship between students and teachers that makes our campus harmonious and happy.

That door and window, once carefully cleaned, it must retain our beautiful figure, this piece of table and chair, once put together, it must remember our behavior civilization, if the large playground, once gently cleaned, it must have engraved our jumping footprints. Alma mater, you are our infatuated with a period of time!

When I look at you again, I can't forget! When confused, the teachers earnestly instruct each other; When falling down, the students help each other; When they failed, the teachers encouraged their eyes, and when they succeeded, the students applauded warmly

Thank you, alma mater, when I walk through your corner again, the games on the playground, the lively classroom, the thinking in the community class are flying, even the poplar on the playground is singing our everlasting.

Thank you, alma mater. We will never forget you even though we are about to graduate. Yesterday's alma mater is our honor, tomorrow we will be our alma mater's pride. Today we are the fragrance of Yucai garden, tomorrow we will be the backbone of the Republic!

On the occasion of graduation, please accept my most solemn team gift, please accept a bunch of flowers I presented for you, thank you, alma mater, you are a string of sweet in my heart, you are a piece of brilliant in my eyes, we should bow deeply¡ª¡ª

To the lovely students;

To my dear teacher;

To the beloved headmaster;

To the beloved campus;

With our sincere wishes:

May our youth road primary school,

From success to brilliance,

From brilliant to brilliant!

Sixth grade Thanksgiving alma mater speech 6

Once upon a time, I was a person with weak knowledge, bad manners and unreasonable reasons. After the birth of my alma mater, I was reborn. I want to thank my alma mater!

Once upon a time, I was a person with weak knowledge. When people asked me questions, I didn't know. But since I have been nurtured by my alma mater, I have become knowledgeable. When people ask me questions, I always answer them one by one. When others argue with me, I am often speechless. All these changes are due to the cultivation of my alma mater. I want to thank my alma mater!

Once upon a time I was a man of no civility. When I met my friends and relatives, I was just like a stranger and passed by him without any reaction. If you ask other people's questions, you'll just say "hello" and you'll get off with it. But after the teacher's upbringing, I became cultivated. When you meet friends and relatives, you always greet them warmly. Ask others questions, always use polite language. Don't forget to say "thank you" afterwards. All these changes are due to the teacher's instruction. I want to thank my alma mater!

I used to be a man of all sorts. As long as other people touch me lightly, my horse can't help but talk about it and wrestle with him. But after being enlightened by teachers and classmates, I became sensible. When other people come across me, I will ask why, and then I will come to a conclusion. All this is because of the teachers and students. I want to thank you all.

Alma mater, it's you who have transformed me. I want to thank you!

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