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Junior high school students' speech on gratitude for the motherland

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Junior high school students' speech on gratitude for the motherland

The speech has the characteristics of distinct views and inspiring content. Today, with the rapid development of society, speech is closely related to our life. Do you know how to write a speech? The following is a small compilation of junior high school students Thanksgiving speech, for reference only, let's have a look.

 Junior high school students' speech on gratitude for the motherland

Junior high school students Thanksgiving speech 1

Dear teachers and students

Hello everyone! The topic of my speech today is "grateful for the motherland".

Mother gave me life, the country moistens my growth, in the era of singing loud and clear, I want to shout: "sing our dear motherland, from now on to prosperity."

Throughout the ages, countless patriots want to sing about the motherland. Nie Er composed the march of the volunteers, which was full of fighting spirit and lofty sentiments. Singing out the voice of the author, calling the hearts of the people. Isn't he calling on everyone to sing about our motherland and work together to defend it?

A sentence: "who has never died since ancient times? It shows Wen Tianxiang's long buried heart.

They all have one thing in common: patriotism.

Although I don't have their lofty aspirations and heroic deeds, as a young pioneer born in New China and growing up under the red flag, I also have a strong patriotic feeling for our motherland mother. The beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland have bred our generations. The mother of the Yellow River is so kind and great. After many vicissitudes, she still sets out from the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. She is not hindered by any sand and stone. She always rushes forward, because her descendants need her!

The splendid culture of the motherland for more than 5000 years is still inherited after many vicissitudes. These are the essence of our motherland's people's thought. Today, the ancient motherland is developing rapidly and rejuvenated under our construction. Since October 1, 1949, "the people's Republic of China, the Central People's government has been established!" Since then, the Chinese people have risen and become masters of new China.

Now, we are bathing in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, enjoying a more and more affluent life, and striding forward towards communism. I believe that at that time, our life will be more beautiful, more and more prosperous motherland mother will smile more sweetly! And every one of us here will be the best witness.

Singing about the motherland is my feeling at this time; Singing about the motherland is the voice of the times. Students, let's these young eagles in the new era hone their wings in the south of the Yangtze River, spread their wings under the same blue sky, and sing on the vast land: "singing our dear motherland, from now on, we will be prosperous and strong."

Finally, let's shout out: "thank the motherland, your kindness makes us unforgettable!"

This is the end of my speech. Thank you!

Junior high school students Thanksgiving speech 2

Dear teachers and students

hello everyone!

We are a group of teenagers, all over the motherland. The city is noisy because of our footprints, and the countryside is colorful because of our shadow. No matter who, no matter where they are? We are all cordially called by people, we have a common name called Chinese.

Dawn, when we enter the campus, we see the beautiful environment, advanced teaching equipment, here, we began a day of learning journey; In our spare time after class, we sit in front of the computer and enjoy the wide and comfortable Internet; During the festival, we use mobile phones to convey blessing and care. We live in happiness, we live in peace and joy, all these, we know, are because of you, there are us. In our hearts, we have already engraved your name "China".

On May 12, 2008, when the Wenchuan earthquake hit, countless Chinese people extended a helping hand. In front of the disaster, volunteers raced against the clock to save lives; At the back of the disaster, a red heart gathered together, a row of footprints in the donation box came and went, busy figure, we have no regrets. We keep cheering for you, because your hope is our hope, your suffering is our suffering. From the perspective of history, we watched you raise your hoe, watch you swing your sickle, watch you sweat like rain, see your grain full of granaries, watch you displaced, watch you hit the water in the middle of the river, we watched you rebuild your home from the real time, we watched you fearless in the face of danger, watched you angry and strong, and watched you smile away. Your every move, we all watch, we silently shout for you in the heart, we cheer for you with action, because we are a part of you, we advance and retreat with you, because we have you, we have us!

In the era of peace, patriotism is not fighting with guns or fighting bravely on the battlefield. For our young generation, patriotism does not need earthshaking oaths. Patriotism is an instinct, a simple and deep emotion. Patriotism is loyalty, gratitude, reward, and behavior. Our patriotic behavior is: listening attentively in class, thinking actively, respecting others, being polite, observing discipline and loving school... These are all simple patriotic behaviors.

There is always a force that moves us. There is always an emotion that we will never forget. This power is called the motherland, and this emotion is to thank the motherland.

The motherland is our mother.

The motherland, because of you, we have!

This is the end of my speech. Thank you!

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