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College Students' gratitude speech

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Gratitude speech of College Students Association (5 articles in general)

Speech can be divided according to its use and nature, which is an important preparation for speech. In today's dynamic and open day by day, we need to use speech scripts in many cases. So, how to write speeches? The following is a small collection of College Students Association Thanksgiving speech (5 general), welcome to share.

 Gratitude speech of College Students Association (5 articles in general)

College Students Association Thanksgiving speech 1

Dear teachers and students

Hello everyone! It's a great honor to share with you my experience of learning to be grateful.

There is a song that I believe everyone can be familiar with. "Grateful heart, thank you for my life, let me have the courage to be myself..." whenever I hear this song, I will have different feelings.

Gratitude is everywhere. What's the reason why I'm here? It's gratitude. Thanks for the support of teachers and students, the opportunity given by the school, the birth and cultivation of parents, and my own efforts. Thanks for all this, I am today.

"Who says the heart of grass, the report of the three Spring Festival", "who knows the plate of Chinese food, every grain is hard", we recite these verses when we were children, talking about Thanksgiving. There is also the idiom "drip of grace, the spring phase report" tells us is Thanksgiving. Gratitude is the basic moral principle that everyone should have, and it is the minimum accomplishment of a person. Crows have the meaning of feeding back, and sheep have the grace of kneeling and sucking.

According to historical records, when Han Xin was young, his family was poor and his parents died. Although he studied hard and practiced martial arts, he could not earn any money. Forced, he had to go to other people's home to eat "free food.". For this, he is often looked down upon by others. Han Xin couldn't swallow the breath, so he came to the huaishui River to fish and eat fish for food, often hungry and full. There is an old woman on the edge of huaishui River to rinse the yarn flocs for others, known as "drift mother". Seeing that Han Xin was starving, she gave him half of the rice she had brought. Han Xin vowed to repay his mother's kindness. After Han Xin was named "Marquis of Huaiyin", he never forgot his mother's food. He sent people around to look for it, and finally gave him thousands of gold. This is the origin of the idiom "a meal is worth a thousand dollars".

All this is not difficult to see that each of us should learn to be grateful, whether you are ordinary or extraordinary.

Life gives us setbacks, but also gives us strong, we also have another experience. For those who love life, it is never stingy. It depends on whether you have a tolerant heart to accept the gift of life. Bitterness is not the pursuit of life, but it must be the whole of life. Try to experience with a grateful heart, you will find a different life. Don't lose hope for spring because of the cold winter. We thank God because of the reincarnation of the four seasons. With a grateful heart, you will have no complaints, no jealousy, no resentment, you will have a calm and indifferent heart! Alone and dark.

Learning to be grateful is to learn to respect others and always be grateful for their help.

Learning to be grateful is to let you know that everyone is enjoying the happiness that others bring to themselves through giving.

To learn to be grateful, we should first have a grateful heart. As long as a person knows how to be grateful, he will know how to give. Only when he knows how to give, can he be grateful.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every good friend around me, bless you and ring the prayer bell for! Accompany you through every day. Thank the people I love and the people who love me, so that my life is no longer lonely.

Thank you, my speech is over!

College Students Association Thanksgiving speech 2

Dear teachers and students

hello everyone!

I heard from my teacher that a famous university student applied to a company. The manager asked him, "have you washed your parents' feet?"ˇ° Never. "ˇ° At this time tomorrow, please do it again! But there is a condition. Before you come here, you must wash your parents' feet. Can you do that? "

The poor children lost their father when they were young and lived on their mothers as servants. The young man came home and looked at his mother who had been working hard for a day and decided to wash her feet. Mother was very strange, said, "feet, I can still wash." In the son's insistence, the mother sat down, the son brought the basin, put his mother's feet into the basin, when he held his mother's feet, he found that his mother's feet were as rigid as a stick. He could not help but hold his mother's feet and burst into tears: when I was reading, I spent my mother's money with peace of mind, and now I know what the mother used for the money!

The next day, the young man came to the company and said to the manager, "if it wasn't for your guidance, I'd never hold my mother's foot. Thank you, manager. I'll take good care of my mother and never let her suffer any more." The manager nodded and said, "you go to work in the company tomorrow."

However, in September last year, when reporting for duty in a school, it was the parents of the students who carried the big bags on their shoulders; In the daily necessities department, the students' parents are crowded into a pile; Even in the freshmen's dormitory, it is the parents who are busy scrubbing the doors, windows, tables and chairs. A gray haired father took out a copy of his son's certificate from his coat pocket, asked the office about the situation, raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead, lifted a large suitcase, bent over, and labored to another registration point in the hot sun. The son is holding a small package, gently following behind

One washed his mother's feet and the other let his father bend down. What a contrast!

At the beginning of school, I wish you all success in your studies; I hope you will remember the two things: "mother's feet" and "father's waist", because "the most suitable subject for a person to study is human." Students should know how to be considerate to others - be considerate of their parents' hard work in bringing up their children, and teachers' hard work in training students. Teachers should also have the firm's insights, attach importance to talents and morality. In this way, we can face all the students in our work, including those who are struggling with their studies.

Please let me and you remember: to "wash feet" for mother, not to let father "bend down". The mother and father mentioned here, including the birth parents and teachers, are many people, that is, the people. We are all the children of the people, and the people are our parents. We should also learn to be grateful.

Thank you!

College Students Association Thanksgiving speech 3

Dear teachers and students

hello everyone!

If the world has no sunshine, water, gratitude, affection, friendship and love, what will it become?

No sunshine, no warmth; Without water, there is no life; Without parents, of course, we would not have ourselves; Without affection, friendship and love, the world will be lonely and dark. These principles are very simple, but in life, when we should enjoy these things, we often lack a heart of gratitude.

Gratitude to many people, many things, the blame is due to will not, do not want to be grateful. Indeed, Chinese cultural tradition makes it difficult for us to say "Mom, I love you, Dad, I love you". However, this should not be an excuse. Crows have the meaning of feeding back, sheep have the grace of kneeling milk, do not understand gratitude, lost the emotional basis of love. Therefore, we should learn to be grateful, thank our parents for their upbringing, our teachers for their teaching, our friends for their help, all those who treat us kindly and help us, and even for the ups and downs we have experienced.

I will not forget one thing not long ago. That day, I went shopping with my classmates, and a little boy of four or five years old came from the front. Because it was winter, the down jacket held the little boy round, like a small ball rolling over. He asked me which bus to take to the zoo, and I told him to take the No. 4 bus right there. He ran back happily. My classmates and I went forward. We all walked very far away, heard the little boy behind "brother, brother" call me. I didn't know what he was going to do, so I stood there waiting for him, watching him run up to me in hot sweat. I asked him if there was anything wrong with him. He gasped and said, "I forgot to say thank you just now. Did my mother say thank you? I said forget, mom let me chase you I will never forget the child and the mother, they let me never forget to learn to thank, no matter who in the world to give their own even the slightest help and care, also do not forget to be grateful.

The love our parents give us is often trivial but meticulous. It is not only that we think it should be, but also that they are too old-fashioned and bored. In fact, gratitude comes from the heart. As the saying goes, "drip of grace, when the spring phase report." What's more, what parents pay for you is not just a drop of water, but a vast ocean. Because, parents are God given us do not need any modification of the spiritual sustenance.

When we are in trouble, the people who can pour everything into helping us are parents; When we are wronged, the people who can listen to our crying patiently are parents; When we make mistakes, it is parents who can forgive us without hesitation; When we succeed, we will sincerely celebrate for us. It is parents who share the joy with us; But now we study far away from home, still concerned about our parents.

Life is not as perfect as we imagine. The hard work of our parents is something we can't understand. Although we can't share the hardships of life and Entrepreneurship with our parents, we can let our parents worry less about ourselves in life. When parents are ill, should we take responsibility and take care of them. We should know that even a word of concern, even a bowl of noodles made by ourselves, will comfort our parents' anxiety for us. It's not hard to learn how to be grateful.

We may remember to thank our friends who have helped us on the road of life, and perhaps we will remember to thank the teachers who have worked hard to cultivate us. Yes, of course, they are what we want to thank, but at the same time, we should not forget that our parents are always the most worthy of our thanks!

Learn to be grateful and hope all the parents in the world are well!

Thank you!

College Students' gratitude speech 4

Dear teachers and students

hello everyone!

Grateful heart, thank you for my life, let me have the courage to be myself... Grateful heart, thank fate, flowers bloom, I will cherish

Orange lights bloom like flowers in the cold winter, although in my side, flying all over the sky of snow, gradually melt into my heart, one by one. Only because of gratitude, grateful for the "passing time" of life, given me this pure land, give me the clear sky in my heart, Qingli, soft, quiet, warm, I can smile in the snowy sky, appreciate the winter spring. People should always have a grateful heart. Flowers Thanksgiving rain, because the rain and dew moisten its growth; The goshawk is grateful to the sky, for the sky makes it fly; The mountains are grateful to the earth, for the earth makes it high; I am grateful, many, many people

I am grateful to my parents for giving me life and a warm home. The solid and warm shelter will be my habitat forever. Dad, you are the safe and warm supporter in your daughter's heart. When you are tired, you can be energetic as long as you lie on it; Dad, you are the other side of the vast ocean in your daughter's heart; On the other side of the bank, waiting for her daughter's return. Dad, you are the sun in your daughter's heart, and the dazzling light has driven away the shadow in her heart... Mom, it is you who gave birth to me in October and brought me to this colorful world. It is you who have worked hard to pull me up. How many times have you helped me change my diaper? How many cold nights have you helped your daughter to pull up the quilt? In hot summer days, you have shaken the fan, For me to drive away mosquitoes... Mom, thank you, thank you for tolerating and tolerating everything of my daughter. Looking back on my past willfulness, I was very ashamed. The scenes of the past emerged in my mind. Opening the door of memory, my mind drifted back to the past

Therefore, I am determined to be a person who learns to be grateful! Serve my parents, my motherland, all the people who care about me, my parents, teachers and even friends!

Thank you!

College Students Association Thanksgiving speech 5

Dear teachers and students

hello everyone!

The topic of my speech is: learn to be grateful.

Gratitude is everywhere. What's the reason I'm standing here? It's gratitude.

Thanks for the support and love of teachers and classmates, the opportunity given by the school, the cultivation of my mother, and my own efforts. Thanks for all this, I stand here today.

Religion is the most grateful. They thank the gods and the Lord. Of course, we appreciate more than they do

Thank your parents for giving you life and bringing you up; Thanks to teachers, they teach you knowledge and lead you to be a "capital person"; Thanks to friends, they let you feel the warmth of the world; Thank your opponents, they make you keep forging ahead and working hard.

Thank the sun, it let you get warm; Thank the river, it let you have water; Thanks to the earth, it gives you space to live.

Gratitude is a kind of mentality, a quality and an art.

Gratitude is optimism. Thanks for the difficulties and setbacks, isn't it optimistic? Thank the opponent, thank the enemy, is not optimistic? For some people and things that we don't like very much, we should try to think of its positive side and its advantages for us, so as to thank it. Isn't it optimistic? Therefore, gratitude is an optimistic attitude. Gratitude is politeness. When someone helps us, we say "thank you" casually, which may bring a warm current to each other's heart. Some people have paid a lot for us, we thank him, he may help us more. With a grateful heart, is polite, is gratitude. Therefore, gratitude is a kind of polite quality. Some people say that it is human nature to forget gratitude. When we come to this world by chance and have no time to do anything, we have already begun to enjoy all the material and spiritual achievements brought to us by our predecessors. This reminds each of us to have a heart of gratitude.

If we are always grateful, we will be more grateful and nostalgic for everyone who has been gracious to us but does not return it. It is because of their existence that we have today's happiness and joy. If you are always grateful, you will take giving more help and encouragement to others as the greatest happiness, and then you will be able to extend a helping hand to those who are in trouble or in desperate need of survival without asking for return. If you are always grateful, you will be less critical of others and more appreciative of the environment.

Gratitude is an eternal topic in our life. Learn to be grateful and love life. We will feel more happiness.

The topic of my speech today is: how to learn to be grateful

I often see such a scene in the campus. Many students' parents are waiting for their children who have not finished class in the cold wind. They bring them clothes to protect themselves from the cold, umbrellas to cover the wind and rain, and warm and delicious meals. But some of us only know how to enjoy, not even a word of thanks; Some students don't know how to be grateful for the teacher's years of giving, but they are still deeply rooted in the teacher's sincere instruction; Some students are not grateful for the meticulous care of the class, but also think that the class has nothing to do with him.

Behind these phenomena is the lack of gratitude. In fact, gratitude is a virtue that has been handed down for thousands of years.

Rousseau once said: "there is no real virtue without gratitude." Yes, gratitude is a virtue. In the increasingly competitive modern society, it is far from enough for us to have only a little achievement and only a little talent. Only when we have the character of Thanksgiving, can we have a harmonious life and a bright future.

In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang is naturally the embodiment of wisdom, but in his heart, there are always two words - gratitude. Kong Ming's life can be described as fruitful: burning Xinye, burning bowangpo, skillfully borrowing the southeast wind, seizing Xichuan Pingnan man, seven capturing Meng Huo, six leaving Qishan, and finally died in wuzhangyuan. And what he did, from the beginning to the end, was only for one reason, that is, to pay the favor of three times. It can be said that "devote all one's life to one's death".

Learn to be grateful and appreciate the gifts from life, you will have a positive outlook on life and a healthy attitudeˇ° Give people roses, hands have fragrance ", life in the world, to learn to share, love and help each other. The more you give, the richer your life will be; the more you give, the more meaningful your life will be. Always have a heart of gratitude, to others, to the environment will be less critical, more appreciation and gratitude. Gratitude will make you believe in life and all the good things, so that you will be surrounded by good things.

Students, Thanksgiving is a bunch of golden sunshine, it can melt ice and snow. Let's learn to be grateful for everything around us.

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