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A record or extract of speech


It refers to a person's speech record, which is usually used in formal style, usually to explain the sentence and language features of someone in a period of time. Now it refers to the words of celebrities, netizens and social events that can cause resonance, make people think deeply and have certain communication power. More > >

Classic quotations

one The origin of quotations

The Analects of Confucius is one of the earliest quotations in the history of our country. It collects the words and deeds of Confucius and his disciples. The sentences are simple and easy to remember. In order to strengthen the centralization of power, Liu Che, the emperor of Han Dynasty, adopted Dong Zhongshu's suggestion in the field of ideology. He only respected Confucianism and set the quotations of Confucius as the criterion of maintaining feudal rule. This laid the foundation for the popularity of quotations in the future More > >

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  • A collection of 30 selected short classical quotations in 2021 2021-05-23

    I have you, you have me. If God gives me a child, it is an accident. If you don't, you will be my child in this life. The following is a small compilation of recommended short classic quotations 30, welcome to read, I hope to help you. 1. Epiphyllum only open in the dead of night, in order to be able to

  • A collection of 58 classic quotations in 2021 2021-05-23

    It turns out that all this is just a dream I made for myself. Now wake up, you left, I left, so disappeared without a trace. The following is a short collection of small classic quotations 58, welcome to read, I hope to help you. 1. Memories always hurt, how many people hurt, and how many people

  • A short collection of 75 classic quotations 2021-05-23

    Like a magnet, I attract success and wealth in large quantities. Here are 75 short classic quotations compiled by Xiaobian for you to share. 1. Wandering in the life of each look back, there are too many moves, there are too many expectations, and then I smile every day, let my life forever in the quiet age

  • [practical] a collection of 30 short classical quotations in 2021 2021-05-23

    I'm not lost, I'm just suddenly sad. Here are 30 short classic quotations recommended by Xiaobian. Let's have a look. 1. Delete the memory, delete the memory. 2. Never give up, is a reflection of the oath of commitment reflected in reality. She waited for him in the dim lights for a long time, until the east gradually

  • [must have] a brief collection of 48 classic quotations in 2021 2021-05-23

    Always tell yourself that laughter is a force that drives away sadness. Once had the opportunity to witness his weakest and worst moment, you can still smile to accept his imperfection, and share this secret with him, this love will last longer. Believe in love, even if it brings you sorrow, believe in love. following...

  • 65 practical classical quotations 2021-05-23

    I hope you don't look like the wind, which set off waves here, but follow the clouds to the distance. The following is a small collection of 65 classic quotations, welcome to read, I hope you can like. 1. I just feel that before my eyes began to whiten, shining pieces like a child's TV snowflake screen, she can no longer receive

  • 60 classic quotations 2021-05-23

    I have seen the bloom from the heart, and I finally know that some helplessness and loss, perhaps from fate, will take a psychedelic appearance, is a part of your lonely life, is a must have experience in your life, also will be buried with the old calendar, it is difficult to continue. The following is a small series for

  • [recommended] a collection of 76 classic quotations 2021-05-23

    After all, I know that there are many jobs that can not be dealt with without being lost, sent away, separated or no longer in contact. If you worry about it, you lose. The following is a small compilation of recommended classic quotations 76 sentences, welcome to share. 1. No matter what the status and status of the people, for the beautiful things, there is no lack of careful appreciation

  • Selected 95 sentences of Life Classic Quotations 2021-05-23

    In fact, for the first time, you can write down your dream in a very relaxed and colloquial way, without any restrictions on judgment, decoration or modification. Then, go to the details section and include all your new ideas and ideas. Finally, you decide whether or not to write the dream and other

  • A collection of 39 classic quotations of life in 2021 2021-05-23

    No matter what kind of achievements are made, they are the results of hard work. With self-discipline, determination, purity, integrity and mindfulness, people can succeed; On the contrary, with the help of wildness, inertia, obscenity, decadence and perplexity, people are easy to fall into depravity. The following is a small compilation of life classic quotations 39

  • 55 sentences of classic quotations of simple life in 2021 2021-05-23

    When right and wrong are dead, they can be separated from each other. The following is a small series of carefully arranged classic quotations of life, I hope to help you. 1. Your tears are full, my tears are full. Ribbon concentric knot is not formed. 2. Put the dream in your hand, and the pulse is its breath. 3. I'm always excited when I leave home

  • A collection of 78 short classical quotations in 2021 2021-05-22

    Often to observe other people's small things, can make you more used to not make common sense mistakes. The following is a small collection of short classic quotations 78 sentences, for reference only, I hope to help you. 1. Memory is the biggest comfort to myself, but it makes me decadent. 2. I wait alone, I

  • [recommended] a collection of 50 short classical quotations 2021-05-22

    Friendship, further love, step back is heartless, so I choose to stay where I am. The following is a small series of search collation of the short classic quotations 50, welcome to share. 1. Although he did not fully believe in the superfluous merits of saints and the religious effect of surrendering sinners, he still hoped in his fantasy that perhaps a reliable wife would be available

  • General short collection of 30 classic quotations 2021-05-22

    Isn't it just laid-off? Go to my company, why does the country do this? It is to get rid of the burden of the country's waist. The burden is gone and the country has taken off. The following is a small series of short classic quotations for you, welcome to enjoy. 1. I hope you can do whatever you want for the rest of your life

  • Simple and short collection of 56 classic quotations 2021-05-22

    Autumn is a charming scenery, a poem without rhyme and a song without words. Autumn, is wonderful, is fate, is the life of deep-rooted feelings, is a touch of wind, is a rain. Autumn, can be relieved, can remember, can be casual. Quietly as the breeze, slowly as the spring, light as the moon. Autumn

  • [hot] a short collection of 55 classic quotations in 2021 2021-05-22

    I don't want to be an episode in your life, I just want to make the most perfect ending in your life... Here are 55 short classic quotations recommended by Xiaobian for you. Please refer to them. 1. Dream has hands, will carve us into our original appearance, even if it needs you to pass through the wind and frost. 2. Successful people never fail

  • A collection of 40 classic quotations of one sentence in 2021 2021-05-22

    From ancient times to the present, no one can reach the innate state by external skills, even if they are born with divine power, no matter how strong their physical exercise is. It is impossible to become a congenital master by practicing external skills. Here are 40 classic quotations of a sentence carefully prepared by Xiaobian. Let's have a look. 1¡¢...

  • A collection of 35 classic quotations with one sentence 2021-05-22

    This is about how to improve work efficiency. I always think that people who spend the longest time in the office may not be the best. The following is a small series for you to provide a sentence of classic quotations 35, let's enjoy it. 1. To do good is like to draw well water, even if you draw more, it will still flow continuously

  • A collection of 70 simple one sentence quotations 2021-05-22

    No promising people always complain about others, promising people always reflect on themselves. The following is a small carefully organized sentence of classic quotations 70 sentences, interested to have a look. 1. Let the dream outweigh the timidity, let the action be stronger than the language. 2. It's just that it doesn't lead to wealth unless it's organized and actually done

  • Collection of 60 classical quotations in 2021 2021-05-22

    Young and frivolous has passed, her youth has been squandered in the unresponsive love, little left, her life is still long, there will be a love her, love her, care for her man¡ª¡ª Love you is the best thing I've ever done. Here are 60 classic quotations carefully prepared by Xiaobian

  • 38 sentences of classical quotations 2021-05-22

    Just now I talked with the moon on the phone, asking it to sprinkle the light to accompany you to sleep; Send an email to the stars to decorate the night sky with your dream. They promise, good night, good dream! The following are 38 classic quotations recommended by Xiaobian for your reference. 1. Like you first, it's like discovering a wonderful world first

  • 58 simple classic quotations in 2021 2021-05-22

    When you advise others, no matter how good your words are, if you don't care about their self-esteem. The following is a small series of carefully arranged classic quotations 58 sentences, I hope to help you. 1. There isn't much time in life for you to be sad. 2. I don't have a lot of requirements, and I won't disturb your life. I just want to

  • 45 sentences of classic life quotations 2021-05-21

    If we want to do something, let's start from now. Don't miss the past or dream about the future. We must firmly grasp the present and race against time. The following is a small compilation of 45 sentences of life classic quotations, welcome to read and collect. 1. The road of life, do not need to be more demanding, as long as you step

  • 90 practical quotations of life 2021-05-21

    Struggling in the noise during the day, I can not see a trace of loneliness. Everyone thinks that I have forgotten you, just as you have forgotten me. At night everything is quiet, loneliness begins to swallow everything. Miss, will mercilessly touch the heart that hurt the string. After a moment, all the internal organs wake up together

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