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 Making sentences

Making sentences

Organize words into sentences. Sentence is the basic unit of language use. It is composed of words or phrases. It can express a complete meaning, such as telling someone something, asking a question, asking or stopping, expressing some emotion. It should end with a period, question mark or exclamation point. More > >

 Making sentences
Making sentences

one How to make sentences

1. On the basis of analyzing and understanding the meaning of the word.

2. Using adjectives to make sentences can describe the action, manner or the shape of things.

3. Some adjectives can be used to make sentences with a pair of antonyms or a combination of commendatory and derogatory words. Strong contrast can play a better role in expression.

4. Making sentences with analogy words can make sentences vivid by association and imagination.

5. When making sentences with related words, we must pay attention to the reasonable collocation of words.

6. First, expand the words to make sentences into phrases, and then complete the sentences.

two The development of sentence making

With the development of new information media, the network has become the mainstream media. The rapid increase in the number of Internet users makes the hot discussion of network topics and the network language rapidly become popular. The emergence of network sentence, when a news event quickly spread in the network, a representative word in the news event, under the promotion of netizens, becomes the main body of sentence making, and quickly spread out in the network.

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  • Three chapters of making sentences about sadness, joy, separation and reunion 2021-03-18

    The world has encountered many joys and sorrows. 2. At a young age, she had gone through the joys and sorrows of the world, and her nose was often sour. 3. In the works, the scenes of the family's joys and sorrows are very real and moving. 4. There are joyous gathering, there are joys and sorrows, this is the true

  • Flustered sentences (selected 50) 2021-02-12

    Sentence making refers to the understanding and use of words, in accordance with certain syntactic rules to create smooth words, complete meaning and logical sentences. According to the characteristics of modern Chinese subject, it can be extended to the basis of paragraph writing and composition, which is the basic skill of students to write a good composition. The following is a small editor to help you sort out the flustered sentences (select 50 sentences), only

  • Make sentences carelessly 2021-01-22

    He was talking with Lao Wang in a casual manner£¨ 2) Xiao Li is always careless in class and doesn't listen carefully£¨ 3) I'm most angry at his careless manner£¨ 4) Xiao Hai always does things carelessly and carelessly£¨ 5) See

  • Making sentences with restraint 2021-01-21

    He is very free and easy to deal with people, even in front of strangers. She is shy and a little restrained when she meets strangers. Don't make the students look like wooden people. Being serious can make others feel very restrained. He looked a little restrained at the sight of strangers. 6 ...

  • Idiom stories and sentence making 2021-01-06

    It's another year in Shentong express. My social practice this winter vacation is still Shentong express. It's not just a task. Although the content of every year's work is basically similar, the mood of each year is still different. The following is the social practice report of my winter vacation

  • Cheering sentences 2020-12-12

    Cheering: cheering: cheering: cheering for victory. Cheering: cheering: (¡« ER) yelling "yes" to a wonderful performance to express appreciation. It is said that many people make mischief with each other and make trouble. 1

  • Ecstatic sentences 2020-12-12

    You came to the United States in ecstasy. 2) A touch of her hand would make him ecstatic. 3) When the news of Japan's unconditional surrender came, people rushed to tell each other and were ecstatic. 4) This accidental discovery made several astronomers ecstatic. 5) He just

  • Making sentences with anxiety 2020-12-12

    I sit on the bench with my heart beating. The sun shines on my face, scalding a little bit burned. Looking at the students singing affectionately on the stage, I kept asking myself: will you sing the wrong lyrics, sing out of tune, and so on. 2. My little one

  • Sentence making of idioms with hardships 2020-12-11

    1. Only through hard work can we have real joy. 2. The teacher has worked hard to educate us, we can't forget the teacher. 3. The old man worked hard to finish college for five children. 4. Autumn, like a mother with hard work, has made her children with her hard work. 5. Mom

  • On the sentence making of idioms with regard to one and lose the other 2020-12-11

    1. We should protect our eyes while studying hard. 2. When I do things, I always care about one and lose the other. Either you forget this or you lose that one. 3. When my grandfather bought vegetables, he took care of one thing and lost the other, and put the dishes there to trouble the staff to deliver them. 4. Municipal construction should be considered comprehensively

  • Sentence making of idioms of rubbing hands and stopping feet 2020-12-11

    1. As soon as I heard that Xiaoying was not coming for the spring outing, we were so angry that we didn't know what to say. 2. Seeing ye Yifan enter the school, the man who lost his sunglasses rubbed his hands and feet behind the fans, waving and shouting. 3. In a short time, I arrived in front of the man. The weather was so cold that Shi

  • Sentence making of Idioms 2020-12-11

    1. Who wants to meet a friendly heart in the world, and experience the realm of sincere care, is to taste the joy of heaven and earth. 2. Who in the world has met the heart of fraternity, experienced the realm of mutual respect, is to taste the joy of heaven and earth. 3. Uncle Li is my father's best friend. 4¡¢...

  • Make a fuss and make a sentence 2020-12-11

    It's a small loss for us. Don't make a fuss about it. 2. You don't have to make a fuss. There is nothing to be ashamed of. 3. We can imagine people making a fuss about it. 4. She's always been in fashion, and it's no surprise to wear a nose ring. 5. I just

  • Make sentences worthy of the name 2020-12-11

    It is worthy of the name that he was rated as a good student. 2. Even if you dress up again, you can't get rid of the wrinkles around your eyes. You are really an old lady. 3. This meal is a real feast. 4. The ocean is the real hometown of wind and rain. 5. After listening to his performance, I feel that he is really a famous man

  • Idiom classic sentence making 2020-12-10

    1¡¢ Take charge of one's own work¡¶ Historical records: liuhou aristocratic family: "and the general of the Han king, only Han Xin can be a major event, when one side." 2¡¢ Being on one's own ¨² l ¨¬ z ¨¬ zh ¨³ ]£¨ The state, nation, or political party, etc. is not subject to external influences

  • Making sentences in public 2020-12-10

    1¡¢ To appear in public means to appear in public. It also points out the limelight. Chapter 44 of journey to the west by Wu Chengen of Ming Dynasty: "when the monks heard that they wanted to recognize their relatives, they surrounded him in circles, and showed up one by one. They coughed and longed to recognize them." 2¡¢ He often appears in public

  • High mountains make sentences 2020-12-10

    From Yalu River in the east to Jiayuguan in the west, it has a total length of more than 6500 kilometers. 2. On the top of the peak, overlooking the distance, the mountains are layers of fog in which, like a fairyland. 3. This

  • I don't know how to make sentences 2020-12-10

    I have no talent for politics, just as a cow knows nothing about hunting. Besides, I am not interested in politics. In addition, I also think that if one's military prestige is mixed with politics, it will be very bad. 2. He accused those who criticized his work for

  • Fantastic sentences 2020-12-10

    Why do these losers always have so many fantastic plans? 2. The whimsical idea made Mr. March laugh. 3. He was satisfied with every whim. 4. He often fantastically wants to have a pair of wings. 5. Don't be so fantastic. How can people be like

  • Sentence making of arrangement 2020-12-09

    1. MacArthur deployed a large number of amphibious landing troops behind the enemy lines. 2. It's very sad and joyful. The English writing course arranged by the teaching school during that teaching period was very good. 3. Use Acad software to change the elevator layout. 4. The stator laminations are arranged to be stacked or stacked. 5. Alarm printing and

  • Make sentences with a hundred strokes 2020-12-09

    He can knock anyone down with one hand behind him. If he had picked up the yew bow, he would have hit a dime a mile and a half and hit a hundred¡° 2. He secretly learned archery, and finally became a god archer. 3. After a few days, the children all tasted

  • A flawed sentence making 2020-12-09

    11. The woodpecker, which has no merit, has also pecked the forest into holes today. It has angered the God of the forest and turned its beak into a poisonous one. The woodpecker is in trouble. The nest is poisoned and the food is poisoned. Friends are all dead when they meet it. The sad woodpecker's poisonous tears flash. 2. This

  • Helpless sentence making 2020-12-09

    Pressure is inevitable, insomnia is helpless, so don't worry, don't be impatient, accept calmly. If you can't hide, then you can't sleep at night, you can't sleep during the day. 2. The flowers fall and the swallow returns. 3. Spring has come for a long time, apricot blossom has also lost

  • How to make sentences with swaggering idioms 2020-12-09

    1¡¢ The idiom "swagger" explains the swaying body when walking. Describe the arrogance that you think you are. The fifth chapter of the unofficial history of the scholars written by Wu Jingzi in Qing Dynasty: "the next morning, I swaggered out of the hall and sent my son away." 2¡¢ Swaggering idiom synonym majestic ¨¥ i f ¨¥ ng l ¨« n...

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