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Language accumulation is very important for learning Chinese. Mr. Guo Moruo once said: "chest collection Wanhui by huff and puff, pen has a thousand Jun Ren Zhang." If the students have accumulated a large number of vocabulary, sentence patterns and paragraphs, they will be able to express their words straightly and freely when writing, and they will be able to express themselves freely and freely. Students should extract in extracurricular activities to form a cumulative habit of excerpting. They can accumulate silicon to thousands of miles and small streams to form rivers. More > >

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  • [recommended] excerpt from the beginning of high school 2021-01-06

    1. The wise man's thinking is a deep spring, from which the water may be little, but the drops are crystal clear; The extravagant talk of the mediocre is a shallow ditch, which may flow a lot of water, but it is turbid. Harsh advice is like the traditional Chinese medicine with Coptis. Although it is difficult to swallow, it is appropriate to the case; Flattery is poisonous

  • Excerpt of happy spring outing 2021-01-06

    1. Wearing a bright red scarf, we went on the road in an orderly way, ready to come to Sanhe reservoir to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sanhe and the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. On the way, we can also enjoy the beautiful rural customs on the way. I flip through my memory album. Where is this? Yes, it turns out that this is my child

  • Excerpts from childhood highlights 2021-01-06

    It's a clear day with a bleak wind. It's rare to have such a fine day. My grandmother and I were on the deck from morning to evening. Under the clear sky, the banks of the Volga River are covered with a layer of golden red by autumn wind, which looks like two beautiful silk. The orange ship is slow and lazy

  • Excerpts from childhood highlights 2021-01-06

    1. Silence filled the whole space, depressed heart also silently cool down, people also become powerless. Only thoughts are floating. 2. It's freezing cold outside. The cold green moonlight shines through the ice flowers on the window glass on Grandma's face with a big good nose. Her eyes are bright like phosphorous fire

  • [recommendation] excerpt of praising family affection 2021-01-06

    1. Years pass by inadvertently. Behind every figure in a hurry, father's caring eyes are more and more far away, and mother's familiar words gradually fade away. When you are physically and mentally exhausted, stop and read a warm story in reading, you will have a moving heartbeat. 2. "The thread in the hands of a loving mother, the coat of a wanderer

  • [hot] highlights of spring 2021-01-06

    1. How light is spring's pace! She came quietly to the field. You see: a piece of rape competing to bloom yellow flowers, in the spring wind blowing, layers of golden waves, emitting a refreshing fragrance. They raised their lovely smiling faces and looked up at the blue sky innocently. Stand on the side of the road

  • Two excerpts from spring 2021-01-06

    Spring is coming, every corner of the earth is full of the breath of spring. 2. The wheat seedlings that are jointing are like a green carpet, which is thick spread on the fields. 3. In the world, all things on earth are revived, and the fragrance of flowers in black language presents a school of vitality. 4. Spring rain, like spring girl

  • [hot] excerpts from the wonderful scenes about happiness 2021-01-06

    1. Happiness is a kind of faith, only believe in the existence of happiness, you will feel happy. Believe in happiness, believe in the love of others, you will feel extremely happy. Happiness is everywhere, just like the air around us. Although it can't be seen by the naked eye, it is a real existence. 2. Happiness is a balance

  • [essence] excerpt the complete description of characters 2021-01-06

    After seeing the question, the teacher frowned and habitually put the thumb of his left hand under his lips, moving back and forth, thinking. His eyebrows sometimes wrinkled tightly, forming a question mark between them; Sometimes it stretches happily, like an exclamation point. The pungent smell made me roll my eyes, hate my teeth and fingers

  • [popular] four excerpts from character description 2021-01-06

    After his younger brother came home from kindergarten, he was so stuffy that he crept out of the room while his grandmother was cooking dinner in the kitchen. As he passed by the kitchen, he slowed down even more and jumped out of the house on tiptoe. A home, like a bird out of the cage running, singing, really happy. younger brother...

  • [popular] excerpt from the fragment praising family affection 2021-01-06

    1. Years pass by inadvertently. Behind every figure in a hurry, father's caring eyes are more and more far away, and mother's familiar words gradually fade away. When you are physically and mentally exhausted, stop and read a warm story in reading, you will have a moving heartbeat. 2. "The thread in the hands of a loving mother, the coat of a wanderer

  • [hot] excerpts from the highlights of summer 2021-01-06

    1. The lovely summer comes, the gentle wind brings a little warm feeling, the seven color rainbow floats in the sky, that cloud can be really colorful; You see, the branches are full of fragrant fruit, the children always look greedy to shed saliva. 2. The lotus in the pond is blooming, some are pink, some are white

  • Three excerpts from a good passage describing autumn 2021-01-06

    I do not admit that "a leaf falls and knows autumn". The moment of early autumn is still full of the splendor of summer, which is full and full. Although it is not luxuriant, it has vitality, and the breath of summer has not been exhausted. In the understanding of autumn, it does not meet my requirements for autumn, autumn is aging

  • Five excerpts from autumn 2021-01-06

    When the fruits of autumn harvest are scattered on the ground, autumn seems to become some extraordinary, some achievements, autumn let the world see autumn is desolate, autumn wind whistling, autumn leaves fluttering. Autumn is lonely, autumn interrupts the sound of all living things. Let autumn have no other season should be noisy, quiet

  • A good excerpt from the bleak autumn scenery 2021-01-06

    1. Outside the window, the patter of rain, autumn rain, autumn bleak. Let me not help but send out the feeling that if life is just like the first sight, what's wrong with autumn wind and painting fan? If you and I have no chance in this life, why should we meet each other. Continuous autumn rain seems to be my heart rain, scattered raindrops, tick in your cheek. I seem to see an attack

  • [recommended] excerpt from a good passage about writing summer 2021-01-06

    1. Summer arrived, the cicada on the tree has been eager to climb up the treetop, and there is the "breeze midnight cicada" lively scene. In the city, there is no change in the night, but in the simple countryside, there are great changes. The roadside has experienced several decades of new vitality under the tree, that kind

  • Excerpt 100 words from the composition 2020-12-30

    Welcome to the excerpt of the content of the composition, compiled by the small for everyone to carefully collect, for your reference, hope to help you! Excerpts: 1. The fate of the ship lies in drifting; The fate of sails is to chase the wind and wave; The destiny of life is to grasp, grasp and believe in life, so as to be worthy of youth. 2. Spring silkworm died, but

  • Excerpts from the description of characters' appearance 2020-12-11

    1. In the haze, I found the light still on in the room. Dad's thin figure is lying on the table to fix books. Ah! Dad works so late again. It was so hot and stuffy that I was soaked in sweat. I gently jumped out of bed, to get Maoyou wipe sweat, by the way, also for Dad wipe sweat. A closer look, see his face on the back

  • Work positive sentence excerpt 2020-11-29

    Positive means positive; Positive factors to promote development; Or people who are aggressive and active. The following is a small editor for your work positive excerpt, welcome to read. 1. Life doesn't believe in tears. If you want to survive, you have to fight. 2. Rest is to work as the eyelid to the eye

  • Excerpts from the highlights of summer 2020-10-29

    Excerpts of summer's highlights 1 hope, hope! Hot summer has finally arrived! Lei Gonggong played the round gongs and drums. "Dong Dong Dong" was really good. The rain girl started pouring rain, and the ground blew big bubbles, like a developed flood. The naughty children are running around on the ground, having a good time. Lotus...

  • Excerpts from famous sayings about loving the motherland 2020-10-29

    1. I value the interests of my motherland more than my own life and my cherished children. 2. Without the motherland, there is no happiness. Everyone must be rooted in the soil of the motherland. 3. I love the interests of my country with greater respect for holiness and seriousness than my own life. 4. If a person depends on himself, if

  • Excerpts from Hemingway's famous sayings 2020-10-24

    Famous sayings are the essence of human thought and the crystallization of wisdom. In the face of the vast sea of books and the vast number of words, it is a wise choice for everyone to understand famous sayings. Let's share Hemingway's famous sayings, welcome to learn from them! 1. But none of these scars are new. They are like a desert without fish

  • Excerpt of scenery description in spring 2020-07-20

    Spring is the season of recovery of all things and the source of all life. The arrival of spring, all things are happy for it: the tree straightened his strong body, the flowers played with her fragrant face, the birds bought her beautiful singing voice... And then, the dew drops in the morning were sliding on the grass drop by drop

  • Excerpt of aesthetic sentences 2020-12-14

    No matter in study, work or life, many people have come into contact with some classic sentences. Different sentences have different meanings and functions in language environment. What kind of sentence is classic? The following is a small editor to help you sort out the aesthetic sentence excerpt, welcome to read and collect. It's a beautiful sentence excerpt

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