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Excerpt of beautiful sentences

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Excerpt of beautiful sentences (145 selected)

A bright moon, hanging in the early winter night sky, the cold light shines through all things, the world is quiet, will you extract such a Beautiful sentences What about it? This article is a small collection of beautiful sentences for everyone (select 150 sentences), welcome to refer to.

 Excerpt of beautiful sentences (145 selected)

1, the years slip away bit by bit, inadvertently, fast let us all have no time to stay at the next intersection. It's impossible to predict the unknown scenes of life.

2. Apart from tears, time is the only thing that can wash away everything. As time goes by, the longer the time, the lighter the conflict, just like the tea that is continuously diluted.

3. The real peace is not to avoid the noise of cars and horses, but to plant chrysanthemums in the heart. Despite the past, every day is the same, as long as we eliminate obsession, we can be quiet and safe. I wish everyone, in the world will not lose the desolate path, can sit on the rock, drunk before the flowers.

4. There are flowers in spring, months in autumn, cool wind in summer and snow in winter. If there is nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world.

5. Happiness is very simple. It is the flowers in spring, the shade in summer, the wild fruit in autumn and the flying snow in winter.

6, a curtain of clear rain, down a Wang tears, a lingering, rubbed broken heart.

7. Listen attentively and breathe deeply. The fireworks rain and the pear moon send a wisp of wind fragrance away from the noise.

8. There is no need to mention the past. Life has been full of wind and rain. I just want the wind to stop in the autumn, and I stop at you.

9. Look, the quiet and beautiful rain flower stone reveals a thousand years of exquisite mind. Listen, the autumn rain in October is willfully flying a small pure dream, kissing the fragrance of flowers, as if it is the watch of flowers, as well as a touch of fragrance on your mouth, folded into a light orchid.

10. What kind of book is life? Some people are gentle and gentle, but his life is rich and delicate; Some people are full of ups and downs, but his book of life is fascinating; Some people have made great progress, but the book of his life can't bear to die.

11. I believe that one day, there will be a person who will hold up a piece of sky for me when I am most sad.

12. Willing to walk in the world as a flower, and see the complexity of the world, but leave no trace in the heart. Flowers bloom into scenery, flowers into poetry.

13. The world has passed by. Why should we recall and mention it again and again. It's time to say goodbye to yesterday, forget everything and forgive everything. Is really forget, do calm, in the stable world, live by the rules. No longer pursue the vanity of luxury, no longer like beautiful colors, no longer eager for warm love. Only wish in the simple four seasons, wear coarse cloth plain clothes, and some plain people, old together, meet white head.

14, believe in love, do not believe in love, love is the beauty of the moment, love is eternal pain, Canruo fireworks, fleeting, that moment, I know, I was wrong.

15. Looking back on the meeting in spring, it seems that the beautiful and sad pictures emerge from my mind.

16. If you want to be a firefly on a midsummer night, you have to catch your attention.

17. Up to now, we can not really distinguish between the falling flowers and the flowing water, who is in love and who is not. Perhaps it is not heartless to say, but a chance encounter in the world of mortals, once separated, two have no trace.

18, warm summer, a cup of strong coffee, a delicious ice cream, youth is so sweet.

19. There are many turning points in life. Every period has its color.

The so-called most unforgettable thing is that you never think of it, but you can never forget it.

21. Autumn night, a piece of old chapter, open the prelude of memories, the original time book collection is not all gray, there are some bright colors.

22. With the growth of age, people will become more and more tolerant, so many things are not really solved in the end, but forget it.

23. Indifference is a kind of beauty, a state of mind, a kind of self-restraint and a state of mind. Indifferent is waiting in the quiet night a street lamp, bright and kind unknown. Indifferent as I, flat light, let it be; Hold a light heart and live a peaceful life like water. Long journey of life, see the wind from the clouds, flowers bloom, suddenly look back and smile, guard a indifferent heart, hold a indifferent beauty.

Spring dream has no trace, because too many beautiful things always make people feel nihility. Leisurely floating life, like a wisp of smoke, misty and hard to catch. There are different opinions about life, and each person expresses his or her own way of expression. The poet put it into writing, the elegant guest expressed his feelings in the landscape, and the actor was exiled on the stage. There are also many mediocre people, will be a lot of small feelings in the life of the bit by bit. We want to avoid some fatalistic arrangements, but we will meet them in a narrow way.

25, meet, is a kind of beauty, like a small city in the evening, reflecting the gorgeous sunset.

For some people, life is originally a sad thing and a helpless mistake. Like a beautiful butterfly, mistakenly fell into the dust net; A boat crossing the river with a reed has been moored in the wrong harbor; A clean plant, blooming in the wrong season.

27. I miss your fatigue, the security I gave you, the warmth you gave me, and the days that slowly flowed by.

28. There is only one way that can't be chosen - that is, the way to give up; There's only one way you can't refuse - that's the way to grow.

29. A person, a book, a cup of tea, a curtain dream. Sometimes, loneliness is so enchanting, and only at such times, the world would seem so unperturbed. The cool wind blows the pages of the book. The misty rain makes the words and stories in the book full of damp atmosphere. Leaning on the secluded window and looking at the blue stone lane at the corner, a long lost oil paper umbrella covers the time lower than the eaves.

30. When I see you smile, all the stars in the sky will be jingling and shaking.

31. At that time, the sky was blue and the breeze was gentle, and we were smiling at the beginning.

Hold on to those windy days. They blow your smile, your kindness and take away your darkness.

33. For persistent people, the most difficult thing is to give up. In the intermittent struggle, thanks for the cure of time.

34. Happiness meanders along the way, drunk with sunrise and sunset.

35. There are always some people in life who want to cherish their memory with their whole life. My little melancholy comes from my love for you.

36. Life is really like a play. Everyone plays a different role in front of different people. Zhang Youyi lowered her eyebrows and lowered her head for Xu Zhimo. However, Xu Zhimo regarded her as a grain of dust that wandered around her and had no feelings. As for Lin Huiyin, a beautiful woman like a butterfly, he can write countless sincere poems for her, willing to be a plant beside his skirt and accompany her affectionately. Do not love together is a mistake, too love together, is also a mistake.

Most of the time, you will never understand how much I care about what you give me.

38. The departure of Nalan Rongruo, a poet of a generation, is nothing more than a tomb outside the wilderness. But it is the vast sky that takes back a star; The boundless sea takes back a fish; Luxuriant forest, recovered a tree; The vast heaven and earth, take back a grain of dust.

39. I can't see your figure. Loneliness starts to move and devour my soul.

40, time is in a hurry, how many, I do not want to pay attention to, just let my mind wander and drift in memory. Miss your night, lonely swept the whole body, that a thick sadness of separation, as if the heart of the sorrow.

41. What is moved is the sincerity of friends, what is remembered is the true feelings of friends, what is conveyed is eternal blessing, what is left is pure care, friends wish you happy and happy!

42. What kind of falling leaves in a hurry makes death so bright and calm. It is said that Shaoguang is like a dream, used to the autumn moon and spring breeze, the same life story, but after all, can not give up a beautiful encounter. The past is like a silent autumn red, water time is just plum blossom three lane. Even if the water is exhausted, the leaves fall into the air, the old time can still be graceful. Even if the years are hazy and the horizon is in the West and East, you can still find the traces left behind at that time.

43. I think I'm not mature enough to steer for my impetuous heart.

44. A bridge of spring is in the south of the Yangtze River. Yan Fei in the sunset, repeatedly Dang dusk, stay even Qingping, Wanli River and mountain. Silent warbler crow degree Fang LAN, also look, green water and East, eyes are very much in the migratory ring. If you teach your eyes to hate, do not believe that there is white head in the world.

45. You can't sleep without worrying about it. You can't sleep and watch the moon. The full moon is hanging high and the ground is bright. Want to come, the moon will be merciless, thousands of years of wind and frost, sentimental easy to old. If you are in love, you should be old with the wind. Knowing that the moon is merciless, why do you often send love to the bright moon?

I can't go back. I really can't go back. Fall in love with this sentence, is many years ago, everyone who has experienced the vicissitudes of life, has said this sentence, loved this sentence. Love helpless, love to heartache. How much love comes and goes in a hurry. In the end, we all become the people who pick up the past. Looking at the passers-by in a hurry, and then said the same sentence with emotion, can not go back, can not go back.

47. Those words to the tree, embedded in the tree rings, grow into towering memories with fleeting years.

48. A paintbrush dipped in Rouge can not describe the taste of fleeting time in the mirror of time. When others sigh for you, can't control the fate, you reveal the gorgeous without reason, but let people be surprised by surprise. Don't think, this moment of Fangfei, worth, the alternation of time. No matter how gorgeous Qingyi is, in a play, it is doomed to be out of date. Youth is originally a hasty play, inside and outside the drama, there are too many mysteries that cannot be guessed through.

49. You are the cause of my planting, and whose fruit am I. There are so many sceneries in the world. Many times, we can't distinguish who is the cup of tea you want and who is your home with great vicissitudes. Some people look good, but can't take the storm with you; Some people look like prodigal son, but you are the real home. And all of this, when you meet the hurdle of life, you will see it.

50. The heart has two petals, one for eternity and one for memory; Love is divided into two parts, one treasure, one aftertaste. A name, a few strokes; A word of love, three times and two times; A dream, deep and shallow. It doesn't matter whether you are drunk, happy, resentful, resentful or unwilling. Only wish: if you are well, it will be sunny; If you are happy, it is the end!

51. A long time ago, we passed by countless times. From now on, I will never miss the opportunity to hold hands with you again. Because I love you, I am willing to, willing to pay attention to, and willing to cherish. You exist in my life. Falling in love with you is the beauty of my life.

52. Looking at the beauty of the past, in the destruction of the years, slowly fading away, the bottom of my heart, only empty loss.

Sometimes, if you wait too long for a person, you will forget his appearance or even his name. Sometimes, waiting for a lotus to open, waiting too long, will make clear the four seasons, become blurred. But lotus, in the summer every year, will eventually come, but some people, let you spend a lifetime, also can't wait.

54. One day you will meet someone who makes your laughter and tears meaningful. He treats you kindly and regards you as the most important one in life.

You should learn to weigh the pros and cons, learn to give up something, and then you can get something.

56. The best time is when you sit somewhere and read quietly. Like the most wonderful loneliness, is a person sitting on the street bench, no one waiting.

57. I don't want to keep the beauty of the moment forever. As long as I have it, it's enough. Let have become the eternal taste, let have become the treasure of the present. Mirror, let have become the source of our self-confidence.

58. The rain in the north of the bridge is more than spring water, and the south of the bridge is sunset and the mountain is horizontal. Do you like wine? Listen to the sound of Lingge smoke.

59. There are dreams in the world of mortals. The years are blurred. The idle words worry about the embarrassment of the poems. The moment of chanting is fragrant. The only thing that ends up is sadness. There is no embrace. The sadness of the clothes is confined; Hongyan fingers old, scattered fragrance, childe tears such as blood, infatuated with fleeting years; Rouge stained with ash, buried the soul of flowers, broken the pride of the sword; Love has thousands of knots, into a paper crane, who sent missing? Hate the youyou Shang, into a green lamp, a thorough understanding of whose Bodhi.

60. Sitting on the window sill, looking at the distance, the sky is misty and the darkness is coming. I just feel so sad that I can't help it. I close my eyes and force myself to sleep. My throat is dry and hard, and my mood is at the extreme.

61. Life is sentimental, so I am always willing to give myself unselfishly for some tiny touching. Life is merciless. If you want to have a pure love in a simple time, it always goes against your wishes. After a thousand sails, I just want to find a small boat and let things flow. Reading countless people, only hope to find a confidant in the drama dream.

62. Once upon a time, I liked to collect those antiques. Will cherish a thread bound book, will be infatuated with a classic opera, will fall in love with a warm old jade. I'm always afraid that I will lose them when I don't want to see them again in this life. I'm afraid that I will be caught up in the world of mortals and forget all the beauty of the past. But I don't know, time this sharp knife, already carved everything, whether you like it or not, the existence of, will never wipe.

A sad and affectionate ballad disturbs the mood of several days in late spring. Heavy pen and ink continue the sadness of the lyrics, eyes vast, heart sad, tears line. In every lonely night, Wang Huicheng deep pool on the soft pillow!

64. As time goes by, like smoke, seeing all the flowers bloom all over the four seasons, who is more fragrant and sweeter than whom?

65. I want to be in the red leaves, and pour out the charm and tenderness of Shaohua, dance a song of neon clothes and feathers, and fall drunk in your arms.

66. When we meet under the forest, we don't ask about the cause and effect. Running in the bustling crowd, you will suddenly find that those who have agreed to join hands with Tianya have already parted ways. Is there really a promise that will not be changed in this world? Even if it is between mountains and water, between heaven and earth, there will be a day when people will be tired of looking at each other. Therefore, indifferent heart, each an destiny, so, it is really simple.

67. I am Qingyi. My destiny is a chess game played by others. Therefore, the meeting of you and me can only be in the play. After singing Peach Blossom Fan and jade hairpin, it seems that time is a simple reincarnation. Always think, take off actor's makeup, can, person light as chrysanthemum. But unexpectedly, the opposite provoked Acacia like rain, a dream into disease. One day, the story in the play came to the end, at that time, I can't even give you an ordinary cuddle.

68. Some people say that even time is beautiful when people who love each other are together. I want to say that the person, must have loved, only loved can deeply realize that kind of has and is owned the sweetness. As if the mountains and plants have emotions, every inch of skin can stretch in the breeze and bright moon. When you love, you will find that you are the happiest person. The coarse clothes and plain cloth are also beautiful, and the light rice and tea are also warm.

69. My horseshoe is a beautiful mistake. I'm just a passer-by, not a homecoming.

The past can't be rewritten, but it makes me stronger. Thanks for every change, every heartbreak, every scar.

71. Spring is coming. When the wind blows, listen quietly. It's like a group of young girls talking, shaking the trees, lifting the land, stepping on the ice, as if to say, tree, wake up, pluck your buds, it's spring, flowers, show your style, let people enjoy your beauty, grass will show your long hair and smiling face, Sunshine is waiting for you to go to the end of the world.

72. The best relationship is that you can be yourself completely and your partner is still infatuated with the real you.

73. The rain falls from the eaves and the wind runs through the window. Such a day, suitable for leaning on the floor to listen to the opera, linchi lotus, eyebrows left three points smile, eye hidden seven points cold pride. The busy market was shut out of the door for granted, and the drizzle and smoke remained in the bottom of my heart. So peaceful, even if no one cares about it, I don't feel lonely.

74, how many times light frown look back, no you in, silent empty stab pain eyes.

75. The years are long and the time is short. A person is waiting and a person is waiting silently. He is clearly doomed to a sad ending, but he is still waiting. This is love, humble and lonely in the dust.

76. Many people want to live a life without any waves. A man of peace will be safe even though he has experienced many vicissitudes. A sensitive person will be full of holes if he encounters a bit of wind. Fate gives everyone the same arrangement, and the choice of how to manage their own life, brewing their own emotions, lies in the individual heart.

77. The end is to start, goodbye is to meet, sunset is to sunrise. So, who should I appear for? For yourself or for others?

78. If we are all children, we can stay in the same place of time, sit together and listen to the stories that never grow old, while slowly showing our heads.

79. When you see the peach blossoms, you can see them leisurely. If you don't see enough of them, the mist will disperse and the red wine will be drunk in Luochuan. In February, the peach blossom faces the water, and the green silk of the stream turns around the finger. It can't be finished. It's a dream of Floating Life and a total of joys and sorrows. Sansheng peach blossom painted into a fan, drizzle falling flowers alone to see, sing endless, Acacia que, who is the legend of Luohong. Four sighs the peach blossom enters the dream cold, several nights the blue lamp burns for the monarch.

80. Time is like water, things change and stars move. Many people go their separate ways and their whereabouts are unknown. And fate is a magic River, we paddle and float in it, heading for their respective directions. There is no agreement in the future, but one day will meet unexpectedly. It's like a period of the past, a drama of many years, an ancient book. It is immersed in the fireworks of five flavors, washed by the world's joys and sorrows, and there is still a kind of tranquility in the barren world.

I will miss my childhood. I don't know what to worry about. I don't have to bear the responsibility. I won't be heartbroken for others. I don't know how hard the world is.

82. Keep your mouth in group and keep your heart in solitude. To cultivate oneself, it is important to be clear-minded, and to be careful in speaking.

83. The heart is full of sunshine, and the pure heart is like a drop of water. No matter how misty and misty the outside world is, I will clear myself. That drop of clean water is a kind of spirit and a kind of faith, which makes this drop of water always pure and beautiful.

You must do what others don't want to do today, so that you can have what others can't have tomorrow.

85. Give me an old time to sit alone under the green moss growing wooden window and make a pot of leisure tea. If you don't care, when can you go back home. Do not ask, that leaf boat, where will be exiled to the end of the world. Don't think, those years, how much is true, how much is false. If I can, I just want to be a posthumous plum blossom, guarding the lonely time, in the old ferry, and some returned people, together watching the sunset haze.

86, even if the separation is far away, overhead, there will be the same starry sky, I am not alone.

87. When you are alone, you may be irritable. Don't forget to control your emotions. Don't hurt important people for your emotions!

88. The world is rolling and the cold smoke is on the street. The fate of the past life, meet in this life.

89. My shoulder can be used indefinitely if you need it. It's not that generous, but it's enough to give you a good rest.

90. On the road of the world of love and hate, cold and warm interwoven, everyone, along the direction expected in his heart, should never regret. Because any hesitation and hesitation is a failure of time. One day, youth will be confiscated, and we will not even have the qualification to dream.

91. Standing on the beach helplessly, watching the rising tide, listening to the sea water churning, remembering the past happiness.

92. Everyone is willing to be an idle person. Life is pure and simple, and there is nothing else in life. There are a lot of time, to spend, and not to worry about the fleeting time, fleeting white head. But in this world, how many people can be sober and self-sustaining, dare to bear the consumption of time, dare to accept the hasty changes brought about by fate.

93. The fleeting years of this world are full of vanity. Who can remember the white oath when I was young.

94. The world is vast, and thousands of years have passed by. In fact, human beings have been repeating the same story, the same love and hate. Spring steamed autumn taste, the day is a brick and tile stack, to the end, no one can find which wall, belongs to their own.

95. If we say that reading is to lay the foundation stone of life and comb the feathers of life, then practice is to build the hall of life and experience the wings of life. Is it true that life can only stand up and fly between heaven and earth after practice.

96. If you miss the gorgeous summer flowers, you will surely enter the autumn leaf Jingqiang. Anything, anyone, will become the past. Don't get stuck with it.

All of a sudden, my nose is sour and my eyes are wet. I feel so small that I can't do anything.

Parting, is a walk, a stay, to leave less than the pain left.

99. The lotus outside the window has faded its white lotus clothes and is buried in the light cold moon. It seems to have told me that every feast is a dream of the world.

You may drink tea in white clothes, have a light breeze and lean horse, and sing another song in June under the rain.

Whether you will also be in the crowded streets, looking forward to meet in the twilight of Wuyi lane.

Seeing you grow old, I am so powerless. There are still so many unexplained mysteries in fate that we can't control ourselves so much. Life is like a play, but why, always at the beginning, directing the ending of others. In the known ending, there is no trace of yesterday. After tasting all kinds of taste of pear garden, the flowing days will wither. You see, you are still the blue clothes in the play. Under the flowers, you are performing a beautiful death with your soul.

103. Far away from the noise of the city and returning to my hometown, I just want to watch the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court; To stay unintentionally, looking at the sky clouds roll cloud Shu.

In secret love with a person who will never fall in love with you, what he means to you: once a daydream, then a night dream.

105. There are always many people in this world who are stubborn and unrepentant. They exchange their minds and devote their deep feelings to a stream of clouds, a curtain of dreams and a play. But infatuation itself is a lonely journey. If you can't bear the coolness and coldness, it's better not to start. Sometimes, to be a loving and righteous person will be more tired than a indifferent person.

I am a lonely actor, sitting in the dusk of autumn, recalling the past clouds like water. I think that if you close the door of time, you can find yourself. In this troubled world, I always use my tears to dress up others' bitterness. I am a cool thin actor, fate in my palm, carved the brand of warm and cold. Let me be a lonely actor, sitting alone in the thin fireworks, indifferent to see a period of old time.

107, parting in the morning, melancholy if lost to send you to leave, with messy words repose the Acacia under the blue sky.

Letting go doesn't mean giving up or losing. It just means you know that at that moment you have to let go and move on.

109. A miss has been hidden in the bottom of my heart, never opened for a long time. I am afraid that the strong camouflage will disintegrate. Every bit of it is soft and soft. It is the lingering between the fingers. There is a tear hidden in my eyes. I am afraid of bowing my head and falling of that tear and breaking my heart.

Even if you and I, one in the equator, the other in the Arctic, as long as we hold back and do not embrace, our world will not fall.

111. The sky is getting dark, the air becomes cold, but it can't cool the Acacia feelings. The deep-rooted Acacia gradually fades with the night. Life is hopeless. Why is it difficult to die? But if I die, who else loves you as much as I do?

Think of those who are sick, those who are disabled, those who are suffering from disaster and misfortune. What reason do we have to complain about life.

113. The first sign of maturity is to learn to reduce illusions while retaining hope, to be kind to the present and still look forward to the future.

114. The deepest love I think is that after I leave, I will live like you.

115. Sometimes, there is always a voice that reminds me of you, there is always a sentence that reminds me of you, and there is always a picture that reminds me of you. Your eyebrows, your eyes, your smile, your figure. So clear, so vague, look around to know that it has been, has nothing to do with me now.

If the time can go back, I will still choose to know you, although it will be scarred, but no one can give the warm memory in my heart. Thank you for coming to my world.

117. Since ancient times, there have been joys and sorrows, and since ancient times there have been sad songs about the moon. It's just that we have never understood and thought that everything is just a distant memory. Because there is no real experience, there is no deep feeling!

118, thousands of mountains and rivers, a curtain of rain, blurred eyes.

119. Half a cup of leisure makes the autumn water cool. The heart is full of sunshine, and a trace of it permeates a small time. The mountains and rivers are silent, but I remember all the gentleness that I sprinkle. The wind and shadow make up flowers, and light depict an elegant autumn painting.

No one has the heart to blame for the fact that butterflies can't fly into the sea. No matter who wrote it, many people fell in love with it. That's because life is full of too much helplessness. We all know that in the vast sea, you and I are the weak butterfly. Even if we give a pair of wings, we can't fly out of the vast sea area, but we can't fly far away from Pengshan mountain.

121, your world will not only be black and white, bright colors are waiting for you, go ahead!

Meet you such a beautiful thing, like the forest to hear the wind, like the night twining stars, like summer match watermelon, like the ocean to accommodate blue.

The most moving moment comes from being remembered by friends; The most beautiful moment comes from thinking of friends. There is no agreement, but there is a tacit understanding. A line of network, flowing our mood; A period of mood, floating with the traces of heart flocculent; A friendship, each other forever treasure in the bottom of my heart.

124. From the beginning of a play to the end of a play, no one is the leading role in the play. Because the people on the stage interpret the loneliness, sadness and joy of the people under the stage, while the people on the stage see the gathering of the people on the stage. When it's all over, there's really nothing to grieve about.

125. People like sunshine, things like sunshine, love like sunshine and compassion like sunshine are everywhere in the world.

Because you are too warm to people, you always feel that others are indifferent to you. Because you love someone too much, you always feel that the one you love doesn't love you enough.

127. In the time, many personnel are lost carelessly. It's dusk, and soon it's the lights of every house. Under that secluded window, how many new stories will be repeated, tender and sad.

128, time locked in a hurry, the memory is happy, sad warmth, the love of love has been written into the melody of the heart.

129. Remember the past; Some memories, put away, time is clear, I just want to face the sea, spring flowers.

But love and hate are like clouds after all. Life is short and bitter, and there is no need to bear too much. The past love is like a falling flower and flying rain. If you can clean up and forget each other, it is a kind of penetrating. Travel is a guest, gathering and parting always follow fate. As long as a person keeps the inner peace, he can't lift the big waves. Those quiet in the bones of the beautiful feelings, thousands of years later, there will not be much change.

Sometimes, the strongest people in the morning are those who cry and fall asleep at night.

132. I come from the wilderness and jungle. You cross me by boat into the sea of flowers.

133. I can't tell you how much courage I have been given by the power of imagination in my duckweed days.

The past is yesterday, and a new page is still sunny.

135. Life is a dream, and we are the people who seek the dream. We drift on the river for thousands of years and see the scenery of falling flowers. One day, he returned to his old house in the water town, drank some new tea and watched an old play. Time, in this way, is good.

If you give me a hairpin, I'll give you long hair. Wash all lead, from now on, the end of the day. To watch the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court; There is no intention of leaving or leaving. I hope the sky is full of clouds.

137. A life, a road, a person to walk, a person to understand.

Don't trust others too much. Even your shadow will leave you in the dark.

What is love? Love is the unexpected encounter in the vast sea of people, the open secluded window in the lights of thousands of families, and the bodhi tree in the dense forest. The road of practice is not like waving sword flowers, but like a poem of flat tone, with beautiful artistic conception and rising and falling.

If you don't take a detour, you will miss the scenery. Anyway, thank you for your experience.

The flower affair has passed, and I missed the flowering period without any reason in a hurry. I always think that the scattered fragrance is the circulation of love and the most beautiful deep inscription in the year of China. Until the eyebrows, there is no trace of youth. Only then knew, in the past many pure favor, has returned the streamer. Is everyone, go to the end, sweep the dust, will live to nothing? Maybe at that time, we can get safety in the crowd.

142. On the independent bank of the river, the clothes are not cold, and in the light of the evening wind, sadness shines on the river.

The most lonely dusk covers the sunshine. It is said that the autumn water is dust-free, and the autumn clouds are unintentional. In this season, the mountains and rivers are prosperous and should be silent. Autumn lotus is still there, just fall to the full bloom. And we do not have to insist on cleaning up the ruined landscape, because time is still flowing with pride. Always believe that the existence of all things, with a mission, regardless of ups and downs, have their own character. Since there is a definite number of things in the world, we should spend our days calmly and enjoy the scenery together.

Life is like dandelion. It seems free, but you can't help it. Some things, not do not care, but care about how to, their best.

145. In the vast sea of people, every day we are performing or watching the story ending of joys and sorrows. Every day, we are repeatedly meeting and parting. Different people come and go in our life, we will have different feelings. The only thing that is the same is that when we meet, we are moved by the warmth, and we are reluctant to part with you when we leave.

146. The past page, if you can't turn it, don't turn it. If you turn down the dust, you will lose your eyes.

147. A flower on the other side is blooming for you. Can it bloom for you.

I hope you are the air flowing in the sunshine, which is floating in my chest; I hope you are the sunshine in the air, with the autumn wind warm around me; I hope you are the maple leaves dancing with the wind, and bring the scenery of late autumn with the red light; I hope you are the changeable white clouds in the sky. Open your eyes and look up at the sky to see your figure.

149. You are the cold beer in summer. You are the wind passing by your skirt before the shower.

150, you are still you, I am still me, but time has faded away your and my lead, years fettered the ripples, you are not there, I am not. Not every relationship has a good ending, not every woman has that waiting for her seven years he Yichen, only wish you an my good years.

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