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Excerpts of good sentences

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Excerpts of good sentences

Life is like a mountain. What matters is not its height, but its beauty. Here are some excerpts from the book (60 selected sentences). Welcome to visit.

 Excerpts of good sentences

1. There is no real perfection in life, only imperfection is the most real beauty; Life is not smooth sailing, only through the thorns can the road be smooth; There is no eternal success in life. Only standing up in frustration is real success; There is no eternity in life, only the shining life is the eternity of life.

2. What is happiness? No pain is happiness. What is happiness? Inner pleasure is happiness. What is success? Unremitting pursuit is success. What is progress? If there is no stop, it is to move forward. What is sincerity? Seeking truth from facts is sincerity. What is a friend? A friend in need is a friend. What is greatness? To give happiness is greatness.

3. At night, the high and blue sky is sparsely decorated with jewel like stars, and the sky is full of fresh smell of soil, fog, dew and rice. The unique dreamlike Anyi of summer night makes it seem that all creatures are willing to sleep in Russia. Although there is the faint and distant sound of grass insects like Jinlingzi, it seems that they are talking in their dreams!

4. If we say that the eyes are a pair of window sashes opened by the mind, they are the two clear springs that flow out of the mind; Then, the secret is a treasure mine of the soul, and it is a light of the soul. Is it true that you can be called a real person if you have a secret in your heart?

5. Life is a song, singing the rhythm and melody of life; Life is a road, extending the footprints and hopes of life; Life is a cup of wine, full of life's mellow and melancholy; Life is a mass of hemp, interwoven with the troubles and happiness of life; Life is a picture, depicting the red, green and blue of life experience; Life is a fire, burning the vision and dream of life.

6. There is no need to judge that you can't do it right away, but you can't light a flaming lamp of life by mixing into the vast sea of people. My cry may be weak, my steps may be some blind, but my blood is always roaring. Fate is nothing to be afraid of. The rough sea is not a common sailing shadow!

7. The road of life is long and colorful, just like sailing on the sea in the sky. Sometimes it will be calm and smooth; But sometimes it's rough and hard to drive. But as long as the lighthouse in our hearts does not go out, we can continue to sail along our own course. The road of life is long and colorful: in the sunshine I learn to laugh, in the clouds I learn to be strong; In the strong wind I hold fast to hope, in the rainstorm I hold fast to the ideal; When I stood at the midpoint and looked back, I walked out of a road of my life.

8. Reading is also a profitable savings in life. This savings is the key to discover the future, the ladder to pursue truth, the foundation to surpass the predecessors, and the strength to participate in the competition.

9. Life is not about what you have accomplished, but what you have done well. To see the dense forest, you just need to be worthy of being a tall and straight tree; Seeing the surging Yangtze River, you only hope to be a crystal drop in the spray; When you see the boundless blue sky, you just want to be a peaceful one among the clouds. Although it is a tree, it can resist the wind and rain. Although it is a drop, it can moisten the seedlings. Although it is a flower, it can dress up the blue sky. This life is enough.

10. Life is like a book, we should have more wonderful details and less boring words; Life is like a song, we should have more melodies and less sad notes; Life is like a painting, we should have more bright colors and less gray tones.

11. Life is like a mountain. The important thing is not its height, but its beauty; Life is like a rain, what matters is not its size, but its timeliness.

12. How beautiful the river is! Clear, green, quiet, fascinating. From a distance, it is so green, green like a jade ribbon; Close look at it is so 'clear, clear enough to see the bottom of the river swimming fish and shrimp. At night, the crescent moon reflects on the clear and transparent River, which is so beautiful and gentle. At this time, the river is more charming.

Life is beautiful and short. Some are lonely, some are colorful, and different people have different pursuits of life; Life is a one-way street with no return journey. Everyone moves forward with all his time.

14. Life is a wise elder, and life is a learned teacher. It often turns the wind into rain, moistens things silently, and gives us enlightenment on our life.

Maturity is a kind of bright but not dazzling brilliance, a mellow but not greasy sound, a kind of calm that does not need to look at others' faces, an atmosphere that finally stops appealing to the surrounding people, a smile that ignores the uproar, a kind of indifference that washes away the extreme indifference, a kind of thick and solid voice free, and a height that is not steep.

16. After the wind and rain, the sky and water of the gull flying fish will be the same. Out of the thorns, there is a broad road covered with flowers. Up to the top of the mountain, you can see the sky covered with green clouds. In this world, a star falls, dim can not be brilliant sky; A flower withers, not the whole spring.

17. Only by making self-confidence in the self abased heart, can the bent body be upright; Only make their own weak physique strong, the bound footstep can open; Only when we broaden our narrow mind, can we have a long-term vision; Only if you make your stupid mind smart, can you abandon your foolish fantasy!

Everything can be changed, but our ideal can't change; Everything can grow, only our pride can not grow; Everything can be old, only our young heart can't be old; Everything can go back, only the pace of our progress can not.

19. People yearn for the orchid in the empty valley, because it is left behind and independent, pure and quiet, not contaminated by the world's dust. However, the environment can be met but difficult to find. Therefore, people praise the lotus more, because it comes out of the mud and does not dye, wash the lotus but not the demon. People should understand the self purification of the soul like the lotus flower.

20. In fact, life is as short as you imagine. Instead of living in unhappiness, it is better to be content every day. Nuri's work is to face life naturally. If you are simple to life, then life will be simple to you. Maybe it's going to be plain sailing that you can't imagine.

21. Communication is the bridge of understanding. Lin Xiangru, a general of Zhao, was jealous of Lin Xiangru, who was treasured by the king of Zhao, and threatened to embarrass him, but Lin Xiangru avoided conflicts with him everywhere. People do not understand, Lin Xiangru's sentence "first national emergency and then private hatred" turned into a bridge to express his intention, so that Lian Po understood Lin Xiangru's noble personality, instantly eliminated the prejudice against Lin Xiangru, went to Lin Xiangru's house to plead guilty, and finally became a close friend with Lin Xiangru. If there is no bridge of communication, how can the spiritual estrangement between Lin Xiangru and Lianpo be broken?

22. The world is not perfect, everyone has all kinds of shortcomings, but it is this imperfect world that makes people praise from the bottom of my heart and gives birth to a group of imperfect us. Therefore, people are different, so they will be colorful.

Appreciation, not everyone will, but everyone will. Appreciation, can be from different angles, also can appreciate from different things. Everyone can distinguish good from evil, beauty and ugliness from the perspective of appreciation, but not all things can only look at the surface, but also learn to appreciate the heart of things.

24. Spring brings color to everything. I not only appreciate her color, but also learn to appreciate her vitality; Summer, for people to bring a happy summer vacation, I appreciate it more, let people taste sweet fruits and melons; Autumn brings cool wind to people, and I appreciate the beautiful scenery of red leaves flying; Winter brings beautiful snowflakes to people. I learn to appreciate the beauty of her snow.

25. "The luminous cup of grape wine, if you want to drink the pipa, you should immediately urge it. Don't laugh when you're drunk on the battlefield. How many people have been fighting since ancient times. " Life is like a battlefield. There is no lack of killing in life. It's just that this kind of killing is not as exciting as the swords and swords on the battlefield, but it's more terrible, because the killing in life will make people's heart turn to death. Just imagine, if someone is alive, but his heart has not been tied in this world, what is the significance and value of living like a puppet?

26. When you are alone and living in seclusion, you will feel very happy and open-minded when reading books in your hands. This is the first benefit of reading: pleasure. After reading Li Qingzhao, the graceful and graceful meaning is full of in his poems; Read Xin Qiji, bold and unrestrained, just like the magnificent waves hitting the heart bank; Reading Sima Qian has a long history, just like Meishan Yunshui exaggerates memory; Reading Lu Xun, wonderful words and wise words are just the world's state of mind. Reading makes you feel, feeling leads to understanding, and understanding is beneficial. So reading is enough to make you happy.

27. To face life with a smile, we not only need to persist, but also need to struggle; We also need to learn from Tao Yuanming and Su Dongpo. If you want to be the master of life, laugh as much as you can, for those who do not smile have already become slaves of life. Whether you believe in the charm of smile or not, but as a junior high school student like me, but already clear their own way of life.

28. "When we read Cao Cao's poem, we can't help sighing about the shortness of life.". So, in this short life, what is the most important? Perhaps, only "Virtue" is the most important thing in life. Because, he is the foundation of our people.

29. Maybe our surroundings are not so beautiful and peaceful, but imagine what two survivors said in a cup of half a cup of water in the desert. One said: "only half a cup of water, dead." The second said, "I'm so lucky that I still have half a glass of water." We should understand, adapt to the environment, do not complain, start from their own change, if in a positive heart, then your world will not be beautiful?

30. Family affection can moisten people's heart and make the boat of life full of sunshine; It is a kind of deep emotion hidden in everyone's heart. It can break through the obstacles of time and space and let two hearts embrace tightly.

31. Exercise your iron and steel will, challenge "impossible" and defeat "impossible". The more difficult and dangerous it is, the more courageous you will be. With their own brave spirit, they will not shrink back in the face of any difficulties and dangers. Overcoming fear is the first step towards success. If you do your best, you can grow up in struggle and gain unexpected gains in risks.

32. In a trivial matter of life, one can often know the moral quality of this person. For example, when some people see the waste paper on the ground, they will not hesitate to pick it up and throw it into the garbage can. While some people will not take the initiative to pick it up, or even trample on the garbage. If it is paper, it is better to clean it up, But if it's the peel, apples and the like are not only difficult to clean, but also need to take a mop to drag the water flowing down the ground after sweeping. It is very inconvenient, so a person's moral quality can also be revealed in small things.

33. Grass gives its green to spring, making its life wonderful; Qingquan, its glycol flowing into the heart of the thirsty, makes its life become wonderful; Red sun, the warmth of its transfer to the cold winter, so that its life becomes wonderful.

34. Because of the communication in our life, we can get along with each other in a harmonious way?? Our life will be better if we wait for four words. Life can not be without communication, just like the redwood in the sky can not have a solid foundation, fragrant flowers can not give it confidence in the sun.

35. If it is gold, it will always shine; It's a rose. It's always open. If you fail, don't linger, don't cry. I believe that I can get rid of the pain, overcome the failure, and create a bright future of my own with youth. Because I believe that the sun always after the wind and rain!

I often ask myself why I want to live. This question may make it difficult for many people to answer. Perhaps the path of life is very clear, perhaps blind and do not know why to live. Or instinctively living in this world, perhaps this kind of understanding occupies the most. Some people yearn for the intense and passionate life, others will say that I yearn for the plain life. Maybe there are some people who don't know why they live and have no goal in life. There is no end. Life is full of disappointment.

Please learn to appreciate it. Like the maple leaves in autumn, although the surface withered, but still maintain a flexible nature; Image disability

Broken books, although old, can still let those who are diligent and eager to learn increase knowledge; Like a pen without ink, it can still write neat words after changing the ink bag; Like?? Therefore, please see the external beauty and internal beauty of things.

38. The poet Ai Qing once described the image of reefs in this way: "a wave, a wave, comes endlessly. Each wave pours at the foot of the reef and is broken into pieces. Its body and face are full of scars, but it still stands there, smiling and facing the ocean." I hope we are the reefs described by poet Ai Qing. The road of life is full of ups and downs, but as long as you have the courage and spirit of the reef, you will be able to succeed. Didn't Zhang Haidi say thatí░ Even if the wings are broken, the heart will fly. " As healthy people, shouldn't we have this will and perseverance?

39. Money can only meet your needs for a while, but you will never get that kind of sincere love all your life. In contrast, smart people, ah, can you listen to their own inner most true ideas, and not be blinded by your hypocrisy.

40. "There is a house of gold in a book, and a jade in a book." This is what people have said since ancient times. Without reading, how can Zhuge Liang know astronomy and geography? Without reading, how can Chairman Mao grasp the mechanism and lead the overall situation? Without reading, could Du Fu write poems that are popular and inspiring? Reading is not the only way to develop talents, but the most important one. It is good for us to judge things when we read them. It can be said that reading is enough to grow talent.

Tolerance is a science. For small mistakes, small mistakes, you can happily tolerate each other. However, we should consider the major mistakes and mistakes clearly. Tolerance is not shielding, concealing, but helping.

42. Only by learning to listen, can you respect others; Only by learning to listen, can you get more philosophy and classic language; Only by learning to listen, can you have a positive heart; Only by learning to listen, can you feel that any kind of voice makes people have infinite reverie.

Love is social and national. It can gather wisdom and strength and transcend all obstacles. Love is a common attribute of human beings.

44. Because of tolerance, the complicated life becomes pure; Because of tolerance, the monotonous life is beautiful. What a beautiful color life is endowed with tolerance!

45. There is no eternal hopelessness in life. Every path that seems to have come to an end is actually full of hidden willows and bright flowers.

46. Love is the soft language when touching, love is the helpless that can take but can't put down, love is sweet and intoxicating; Love is painful and sentimental. Love is a mixture of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty human tastes.

47. It is rare to be tolerant of peace of mind; The tolerance of giving help in time of crisis is more valuable and moving. Tolerance, can melt the ice in each other's heart, but also the heat of love into each other's heart.

48. Love is trust, admiration, worship, love and gratitude. I said, I love you, not by accident, but often, not understatement, but unforgettable.

49. When we are faced with failure, we must not be depressed. We should learn to face failure with a smile.

50. Kinship can light people's life and make the road ahead full of flowers; It is a firm belief, a persistent instinct, even if penniless, family affection still exists.

Learn to listen and let more people know that the voice of the world is so beautiful. Learn to listen and be respected by more people. Learn to listen, so that more people in need of love can release the pain in their hearts, let them get more love, let them no longer feel lonely and sad.

52. When the smoke rises and the dark clouds cover the sun, as long as we find our own position, we can get out of the fog and see the sun through the dark clouds.

53. It is a kind of mind, a kind of bearing, and even a kind of spirit to live behind the scenes and be willing to be a foil. Maybe, when I sit on the stage watching the host read the manuscript, I will also feel happy that I am a behind the scenes worker.

54. The road of life is long and tortuous. On the way forward, we may lose our direction or indulge in the road scenery. Many mists and wrong road signs will mislead us, make us unable to move forward, and even make us move in the opposite direction. At this time, only by finding our own position can we approach the goal step by step and close to success.

55. It seems that the end of one road is also the starting point of another. Life is not always high, there is no permanent depression, all the way down, is the original meaning of life.

56. The road of life is never smooth. Everyone will encounter all kinds of obstacles. If you want to go forward like Liu Xiang, you will be able to leap one after another, and your life will be full of brilliance and joy.

Face life with a smile. You have to experience many things in your life. Among them, there are many failures. In the face of failure, different people will have different attitudes.

58. Kinship is a coat that father puts on for you when it is cold, and a cup of milk that mother flushes for you at night; Family affection is the child's tender hands to wipe the sweat on the forehead for the father, and it is the mother's consideration when she delivers tea when she is tired.

59. Listening can purify our mind, improve our quality, let us get a lot of philosophy, and listening can make us happy.

If it is a fish, don't fantasize about the blue sky; if it is a bird, don't be infatuated with the sea. Only by finding our own position can we leave a meaningful life in our own sky.

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