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 Origami introduction

Origami introduction


Origami is an art activity in which paper is folded into various shapes. Origami is not limited to paper. Origami lovers all over the world adhere to the folding standard, and at the same time, they use a variety of materials, such as: tin foil, napkin, acetic acid sheet, etc

Origami originated in China in the first or second century AD. it was introduced into Japan in the sixth century, and then spread to the world through Japan. It is also said that origami originated in Japan and Spain


one Origami representatives

Roman Diaz: Uruguayan. His works are famous for their animal series. The horses he created are called "Roman horses". Robert Lang: an American, laser physicist, once worked for NASA and became a full-time origami artist. His works have been collected by the Museum of modern art in New York. Eric josel: French, once a sculptor, he integrated sculpture into origami. His most famous works include musician series, dwarfs, etc

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  • Illustration of super difficult three dimensional Origami 2020-12-30

    When we were young, we all played paper airplanes, but there is a paper plane is very difficult to fold! It's the eagle! Here with the small make-up to look at the super difficult three-dimensional origami diagram bar ~ looking for a long time, found a notebook. So, use notebook paper! Let's start, first in the upper corner, fold in half

  • Graphic method of children's boat Origami 2020-12-30

    Introduction: due to the various folding methods of origami boats, there are several common types of folding boats. One of the methods of making paper folding boats shared here today is the method of making origami canopies. 1ĄŁ First prepare a square piece of paper. The two corners on the diagonal of the paper are folded in half, so as to get a picture as shown in the figure

  • Simple decorative small pendant cross rotating wind bell origami diagram 2020-12-07

    Remember all kinds of wind chimes that attract people's attention in animation? Come and make your own hanging at home! Next, I will bring you simple decoration small pendant cross rotating wind bell origami diagram, hoping to help you. 1 fold a piece of paper in half to form a "rice character" crease. Then hold the four corners of the paper and close the paper

  • Illustration of hand origami with solid triangle 2020-12-07

    A triangle is a closed figure composed of three segments which are not on the same line in sequence. They are called triangles. The common triangles can be divided into three types according to their sides: ordinary triangles (three sides are not equal), isosceles triangles (isosceles triangle with unequal waist and base, isosceles triangle with equal waist and base)

  • Illustration of handmade Origami 2020-12-07

    I personally made a beautiful small pen holder, which is both meaningful and low-carbon environmental protection. I strongly recommend the manual origami production diagram for you, as a reference, hoping to help you! First of all, prepare six pieces of colored paper

  • Illustration of chrysanthemum hand Origami 2020-12-07

    In October, the fragrance is not only osmanthus, but also the blooming chrysanthemum. How to fold the fresh and elegant chrysanthemum? The following is a small arrangement of chrysanthemum hand origami diagram, I hope to help you! First need a piece of square paper, first fold out the following traces, all traces must be in order, and then the four corners to

  • Illustrated course of craft Origami 2020-12-07

    I remember that when I was a child, I like folding airplanes as well as boats. Now, I'd like to share a small boat origami graphic tutorial for you, hoping to help you! A square piece of paper, fold the paper up and down in half. Fold both sides to the center, and fold the left and right sides in half to form the center line. Fold four corners and four corners respectively toward the center. Two corners to the center

  • Detailed steps of manual origami tutorial 2020-12-07

    Recently, some of the little things I can't use at home have been made into a small work. I'd like to share with you the picture and text tutorial of origami kettle. Next, I'll bring it to you. I hope it will help you. 1. Prepare a piece of square paper, fold 2 diagonally, then fold 3 in half, unfold one corner 4 and the other corner to get double square 5

  • Origami illustration of packing box 2020-12-07

    Make a gift by yourself, then pack it with your own folded box and send it to others. It will surely make people feel that you are full of sincerity. Here is the origami illustration of the packing box. Welcome to read it. First, prepare a large sheet of wrapping paper and draw it along the diagonal line; Fold one corner in half; Then fold in half; Then open it; Put the other three corners in the opposite direction

  • Picture of Xiaoban wallet Origami 2020-12-07

    What can we do with a nice wrapping paper? Oh, by the way, fold your wallet! The following is a small class wallet origami illustrations, welcome to read. Step 1: I use two pieces of demonstration step 2: a piece of paper, fold in half step 3: fold in half like this, the other side is the same, step 4: after folding and opening, it's like this step 5: fold

  • Illustration of origami dustbin 2020-12-05

    When you are walking on the road, you will often receive some leaflets. If you do not use newspapers and magazines at home, do not litter them after reading them. Take them home and fold them into a garbage box. You can eat chicken feet, eat melon seeds, peel peanuts, and so on. It is very useful to save a garbage bag. Folding is very simple, the following is a small organized origami garbage box diagram, hope to you

  • Simple illustration of origami Wallet 2020-12-05

    What is the simplest picture of origami in kindergarten? Children in kindergarten have reached the stage of recognizing objects. They already know the value of some money. They may be curious to open their wallets when they see them. Teachers can teach children how to make simple origami of wallets, which can not only identify objects but also make decorations. Here's an origami purse, Jane

  • How to simple origami small house diagram 2020-12-05

    The folding method of this small house is very simple, but it looks very similar. As soon as children learn it, it is very suitable for mothers and babies to tell stories and play games. The next small make-up for you how simple origami small house diagram, hope to help you. Let's first cut a square piece of paper. Then put the square paper up and down

  • Origami illustration of children's wreath 2020-12-05

    Introduction: origami is an art activity in which paper is folded into various shapes. Origami is not limited to paper. The children's wreath origami diagram arranged by the small group for you under the world, I hope it can help you! Children's wreath origami illustration of the folding method of each piece of paper, take a square paper, fold it three times, equal three

  • Illustrations of children's Origami 2020-12-05

    Guide: do you like origami like me? Since the beginning of origami, home decoration is all paper products. Today, I bring you a very small fish origami diagram, I hope you can like it. Simple small fish folding diagram simple fish folding diagram simple small fish folding diagram

  • Children's fruit peach origami diagram 2020-12-05

    Recently, I like origami. I'm constantly learning everyday. At first, I can only learn some simple ones. Later, I'll gradually challenge myself to high difficulty! The following is the children's fruit peach origami diagram, hope to help you! First of all, prepare a square paper, if not, cut one by yourself

  • Children's flower basket origami illustration 2020-12-05

    More children's Handmade can effectively improve children's hands-on ability, let children's thinking spread, exercise brain, develop intelligence. The following is the children's flower basket origami diagram, welcome to read. Ladies and gentlemen, take good care of the main materials: 2 pieces of colored paper, tools required: two pieces of colored paper production steps: Step 1: finished product drawing step 2

  • Illustration of folding steps for origami boats 2020-12-05

    Origami can not only exercise a person's memory reasoning ability. Can also temper a good mentality. The point is that origami is a relaxing thing. Here I bring a folding of a boat. This is the mark of childhood. I miss my childhood very much. Let's get back the feeling of childhood. Next, I will bring you origami

  • Children's simple origami fish step diagram 2020-12-05

    Origami is an interesting game, it can let parents and children spend a happy time together, at the same time, cultivate children's intelligence, enrich children's emotion. The following is a small collection of children's simple origami fish step diagram, I hope to help you! Steps: first prepare a square handmade paper, along the diagonal

  • Illustration of children's manual origami course 2020-12-05

    Handmade origami can improve children's hands-on ability, which is very important to the development of the brain. The following is the manual origami children's tutorial diagram recommended to you, I hope you have a harvest. Step 1: fold a piece of square paper into a triangle and unfold it. As shown in the following figure: Step 2: turn the left and right corners to the center line

  • Illustration of children's origami boat 2020-12-04

    Paper boat is a relatively simple paper method, the following is a small group of children's paper boat diagram, welcome to read! 1. The first material to be prepared is a square paper. Almost all other paper boats are made from square paper, and our paper boat is no exception

  • Beautiful rose origami illustration 2020-12-04

    Rose flower language in ancient Greek mythology, Rose Set love and beauty in one, is not only the embodiment of the God of beauty, but also into the blood of God of love. It can be said that in the world, rose is used to express love. Every Valentine's day, rose is worth doubling, is a pet between lovers and lovers. Rose stands for love, but different face

  • Simple and easy to learn steps of rose origami 2020-12-04

    In ancient Greek mythology, rose is a combination of love and beauty. It is not only the embodiment of the God of beauty, but also the blood of God of love. It can be said that in the world, rose is the universal language used to express love. Next small make up for you to bring simple and easy to learn rose origami step diagram, hope to help you

  • Simple manual origami rose origami graphic tutorial illustration 2020-12-04

    Handmade rose origami course is mainly based on Kawasaki Rose. Here you can see that the manual origami rose making tutorial is a relatively simple method of folding hand origami roses. We can see that this hand-made origami rose is folded out of a class 4 origami rose. He is in

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