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Chinese cabbage origami course

Time: 19:57:43, June 27, 2017 Origami I want to contribute

Chinese cabbage origami course

Children usually don't like to eat vegetables very much, this is because vegetables do not have any real taste in the mouth. But for the sake of health, you should always eat vegetables, especially Chinese cabbage itself. Although it is not particularly delicious, it can always have small surprises when it is combined with other things. The following Ruiwen net small editor for you to sort out the Chinese cabbage origami tutorial.

This picture of origami is to make an origami cabbage with the children. On the one hand, they can practice their origami skills, on the other hand, they can cultivate their feelings with Chinese cabbage.

1. Put the colorless side of the paper upward, then fold the left and right corners in half, and then unfold it to leave a vertical crease in the middle.

2. Then fold the left and right corners to the middle.

3. After finishing the previous step, continue to fold continuously.

4. Fold down the top corner of origami model.

5. Then fold the bottom corner of the origami model upward.

6. Then fold the left and right corners to the middle.

7. Flip the origami model.

8. A child's origami cabbage is ready. I hope the children can eat more Chinese cabbage!

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