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Origami courseware for kindergarten

Time: July 29, 2017 19:57:41 Origami I want to contribute

Origami courseware for kindergarten

Origami art has a long history in China. Origami activities are easy to learn, easy to do, low carbon and environmental protection. Next to share with you is the kindergarten origami courseware, welcome to learn from reading!

   Origami courseware for kindergarten

   1、 Objectives:

1. Learn to fold symmetrically along the wide side of a square.

2. Practice folding again and again to make a cute little frog.

3. Experience the fun and success of making.

4. With the help of the teacher, finish the origami activity.

5. Cultivate children's interest in origami.

   2、 Activity preparation:

1. Several finished origami products.

2. One white rectangle drawing paper, oil painting stick and glue stick for each person.

   3、 Key points and difficulties:

1. Decorate on the origami.

1. With the help of the teacher, finish the origami activity.

   4、 Activity process:

1. Guide the children to appreciate the origami products of small pheasant, and arouse their hobbies.

Teacher: look, how lovely these little frogs are! Which little pheasant do you like best? Why do you like it?

What kind of frog do you see? How do they fold out? Do you want to fold a small pheasant?

2. Encourage children to explore the production method of small pheasant.

Teacher: how can we turn a piece of white paper into a lovely little pheasant? Guide the children to observe the example of the small pheasant made by the teacher, and analyze the production method of the small pheasant.

The teacher demonstrates and prompts the key points of the steps. In the process of children's origami, the teacher should tour guidance.

(1) take a square origami, first find two diagonal corners, fold the square origami into a triangle, and then open it; Then fold the other two diagonally and open again; The four corners are gathered along the folded line to form a triangle

(2) fold the middle of the triangle in half and open it again. Then, along the middle line, fold the two corners of the triangle upward, and then fold the two corners at the back to the bottom obliquely, so that a small pheasant is formed. It's even more vivid to draw eyes.

4. Please enjoy the small pheasant made by themselves and their peers, and experience the happiness of success.

Teacher: do you think your little pheasant is cute? Who else's little pheasant is also very cute?

   5、 Activity summary:

The teacher summarizes the children's performance today, praises and encourages the active children in the activities. Let children in the creation at the same time, feel the joy of art manual activities. At the same time, teachers should take care of those children who are quiet in the activities, so that they can also get happy at the end of the activities.

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