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Tulip origami tutorial

Time: 13:49:21, September 22, 2017 Origami I want to contribute

Tulip origami tutorial

Tulip flower language is fraternity, kindness, at the same time, different colors of tulip give meaning is different, the following arrangement of tulip origami tutorial, I hope to help you!

Finished picture of tulip Origami

 Tulip origami tutorial

Illustration of tulip origami steps

 Tulip origami tutorial

Science popularization of tulip

Tulipa gesneriana (scientific name: Tulipa gesneriana), a herb of tulip genus in Liliaceae family, is the national flower of Turkey, Kazakhstan and Holland. English Name: flower of common tulip, flower of late tulip; name of traditional Chinese medicine: tulip "herbal collection"; Tulip "Taiping Yulan"; "Compendium" of red, blue and purple flowers. 3-5 leaves, lanceolate to ovate lanceolate, single flower terminal, large and gorgeous, perianth red or mixed with white and yellow, sometimes white or yellow, 5-7 cm long, 2-4 cm wide, 6 stamens of the same length, filaments glabrous, no style, stigma enlarged, cockscomb shaped, flowering from April to May.

Tulip is planted all over the world. It is the national flower of Holland, New Zealand, Iran, Turkey, Turkmenistan and other countries. It is known as the flower of the world and has become a symbol of fashion and internationalization.

 Tulip origami tutorial

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