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The content of mid autumn message blessing

Time: January 31, 2018 16:27:55 Blessing words I want to contribute

The content of mid autumn message blessing

   Mid autumn message Blessing words

 The content of mid autumn message blessing

Thousands of good things, everything is good, the moon is round, people are reunited. I wish: Happy Mid Autumn Festival, all the best and everything you want! So when the Mid Autumn Festival comes, what kind of blessing can you send? The following is to listen to 30 yuebin small for you to sort out the mid autumn message blessing, for everyone to read!

   Mid autumn message greetings [warm version]

1. On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, I hope you feel as cool as autumn! Smiling face is always blooming like flowers! All wishes come true! Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

2. When the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, we will present a moon cake with ingredients: five grams of happy jujube, a handful of caring rice, three money of friendship water, tied up with humor and delivered by mobile phone; Shelf life: before August 15 of the lunar calendar.

3. To send you a month's holiday: the first layer of wealth; The second level of luck; The third level of fortune; The fourth layer of romance; The middle layer is sweet and dense, I wish you a good mood every day!

4. Let the roundest bright moon accompany you and me, let the bright moon convey my wish and blessing. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, full moon, round people, everything is complete!

5. In this special day, send a light fragrance, for your free and easy colorful blessing! Distant you, Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

6. When will there be a bright moon and love will bring the east wind. Joyous from hate empty memory, moon full West Tower looking at the sky. Can you remember when the geese return?

7. On the day of reunion and celebration, may you raise your head to see a handsome man! Bow your head and hold a beautiful woman as you please! Love is more round!

8. The grass is clear, the flowers are quiet, the moon is round, the dream is continuous, and the heart is sweet. At this moment, love flies thousands of miles - the moon sends Acacia - Mid Autumn Festival

9. The moon on the sea is full of tides. Acacia goes with the clouds in thousands of miles. Send blessings to thousands of wisps from afar, and turn into a breeze into a dream. Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

10. I want to give you a most unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival, so that you will remember the days we passed together on the full moon night.

   Mid autumn message greetings [personalized version]

1. The breeze brings my blessing, the bright moon takes my greetings, sends you a trace of wind, presents you a wisp of moon, the wind and moon are boundless, the world is sentimental, the Mid Autumn Festival is happy Taste a piece of mid autumn cake and stay with you; Fill a cup of reunion wine, sweet honey endless; Watch a mid autumn moon, every blessing gush out of the throat. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. I wish you a happy and happy family!

2. Without your mid autumn festival, the moon is as cold as water. You should have another one beside you. Although my side of the moon hanging in the sky, but still hope you full moon and reunion.

3. Rinse my heart's missing, deposit good wishes, wish for the full moon of nine days, wish for the happiness of life, share the sweetness of moon cake, show the work is smooth, send the wish of blessing, wish happy forever, Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

4. Your smile makes your heart beat; When you look at it, the world is shocked; Your station, traffic paralysis; When you sweat, the sea overflows; If you don't dress up, you look good; When you dress up, the universe marvels -- beauty, I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

5. The moon is priceless, and the mountains are full of love. Although the person does not arrive, the heart wants it. I sincerely wish you and your family a happy and happy reunion!

6. Nothing! don't worry! don't worry! don't worry! don't worry! don't worry! don't worry! don't worry! don't worry! don't worry! don't worry! don't worry! don't worry! Just tell you it's OK. Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

7. Every year, during the traditional festival of the Mid Autumn Festival, countless lovers end up staying together. There are countless people in the heart.

8. It is said that the diameter of mooncakes eaten all over the country on the Mid Autumn Festival can make a circle around the earth. While everyone is still working hard to circle the earth, I will make you a happy stuffing, extra large moon cake. I hope you will contribute more to our work around the earth. Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

9. The bright moon is shining in the sky; Blessing silk in the heart; Mid Autumn Festival is coming, I wish you in advance: thousands of good, everything is good, the moon is round, people are reunited.

10. Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Wish you a happy holiday! Have a good mood every day, remember to call me!

11. Meteor across the sky, I missed the wish; Spray on the rock, I missed the blessing; Once the story was told, I missed listening; Only once in my life, I'm glad I didn't miss you! I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

12. Ming en teacher's day, reunion Mid Autumn Festival. Two feelings, a bright moon. Autumn moon reflects your character, autumn fruit records your harvest. Autumn osmanthus fragrance with your care, autumn water flowing with your dedication. Double festival into one, so that the blessing into a double, I wish you double happiness, happiness double, spend a good month more round.

13. Looking at the round moon in the sky and thinking of the beautiful you in the distance, although I miss you very much, I will not be lonely because I share the same bright moon with you.

14. Occasionally busy, does not mean forgetting, the arrival of autumn, I wish you a happy mood, once dropped greetings, this time compensate together, all care, condense this text message to bless your friends.

15. Your mobile phone has the function of buying moon cakes from today. Please dial for reservation and delivery. If you have any questions, please contact our center. If you have any questions, please contact our center. If you have any questions, please contact our center. If you have any questions, please contact us! Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

16. Beauty everyone is thinking about, everyone is greedy, or I am a friend, desperate, defeated the jade rabbit, drove away Hou Yi, preempted to make an appointment for you. August 15, the auspicious day, flowers before the moon, happy at the right time. Remember to date her, to keep you happy for a long time. Her name is Zhong qiujie.

17. You are like the bright moon, leading the stars to decorate the beautiful night sky, your wisdom sparks light the future of your career, and your wise decision-making takes off the enterprise dragon. I hope you are ready for the Mid Autumn Festival and create more brilliance!

18. The magpie bridge is broken on July 7, and the moon is round in August 15. The sun is warm and autumn is cool. The moon is infinite and the moon is round.

19. The moon send Acacia, strong homesickness, family reunion, wandering son tears, eat a moon cake, hold up a pot of wine, the Mid Autumn Festival blessing family reunion, the early reunification of the motherland.

20. Make a pot of tea to convey the fragrance; A cup of wine makes people intoxicated; Holding a wisp of sunshine, transmitting warmth; Pick up a piece of grass, send care. Sincere greetings to you, dear friends, I wish you happiness and safety!

   Mid autumn message greetings [popular version]

1. Thousands of good things, everything is good, the moon is round, people are reunited. I wish: Happy Mid Autumn Festival, all the best and everything you want!

2. According to the "special law of the Mid Autumn Festival", you are sentenced to "happy life imprisonment", deprived of the "depressed right" for life, and "confiscate all diseases and worries". This judgment is the "final judgment" and shall be implemented immediately. I wish people the same moon, happy forever!

3. Friend is more important than leader, ability is more important than knowledge, health is more important than achievement, level is more important than diploma, EQ is more important than IQ, Sunday is more important than usual, my greeting is more important than sending moon cake! hey. Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

4. The lantern was as bright as the night before last year; The willow head on the moon, after the dusk. In the first month of this year, the light will still be the same; Not see the last year, tears wet spring shirt sleeve.

How long have you not been back home? How long haven't you had a good meal with your parents? We are too busy and tired on weekdays. We can't let go of anything on holidays. It's Mid Autumn Festival. Stay with your family. They are the wealth you will never devalue!

6. A full round of equal share of the autumn festival, the Mid Autumn Festival blessing thousands of miles. One Ming live in happy city, two Ming success and good operation, Sanming everything is peaceful, Siming don't forget the friendship, five Ming flower happy moon never stop. Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

7. Your name is called North and south. Your skin is fragrant, and your body odor makes me irresistible. My fragrant lips swim on you and completely "swallow" you with primitive desire. Chuckle and smile, this moon cake is really delicious.

8. It's really difficult to contact you. If you don't get out of the gate, you can't get out of the house. If you don't learn to surf the Internet, you have to learn how to hide. When you call or transfer calls, you can only send you a short message to tell you that the Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Eat more moon cakes!

9. The two green leaves are full of the same root friendship. A sentence Congratulatory message , condensed my blessing to you. Wish you happiness, happiness with you! Trouble away from you! Everything goes well with you! Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

10. The bright moon is the soul of the sea, which sprinkles boundless happiness to the ends of the earth; The Mid Autumn Festival is the soul of the bright moon, which will send happy reunion to thousands of families; Blessing is the Mid Autumn Festival. Soul, the sincere wish will be sent to your heart. Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

11. Stroll in the clouds, scattering a string of laughter; Moon round and curved, together with sweet romance; Decorate the windowsill with flowers, decorate tomorrow with happiness. The dream will be round tonight, and happiness will emerge from time to time. Mid Autumn Festival, I wish you everything!

12. You are my moon cake. You can show me the taste of four seasons. You are my moon cake, take me through the crowded cake tide. You are my moon cake, take me to read the vast sea of cakes. Because you are my moon cake, let me see the most delicious moon cake in my hand. If you have cakes in your hands, please cherish them and wish you a happy mid autumn festival.

13. The moon is hanging in the sky, and the breeze is coming from all directions. The four seasons pass quietly, and the mirror stage of the year. Happy mid autumn day, August reunion card. Raise your glass to invite the moon, bow your head and be happy. Blessing with the wind, good luck to the moon.

14. If an enterprise wants to make a profit, it needs to open up the market, and the market needs to have demand. Therefore, when it has customers, customers should always maintain it. Therefore, it is necessary to have a blessing. Blessing should not be too vulgar. Therefore, it is necessary to have a choice and the date should be significant. Therefore, in the Mid Autumn Festival, I wish you a harmonious family, smooth work and all the best.

15. The bright moon, twinkling, hanging in the sky; Missing, a trace, connected into a line; Wish, little by little, into a spring; Luck, drop by drop, never decrease; Contact, season after season, not idle; Mid Autumn Festival, year after year, looking forward to reunion; May you, every moment, be sweeter than honey.

16. In golden October, midnight in a foreign country is so cold that I can't have a bite of moon cake with my parents. I think so much. I won't cry again!

17. Full moon tonight, SMS message wishes: I wish you a happy family reunion, good people from all over the world, love sweet good karma, good luck with a happy moon, happy and happy financial resources, the Mid Autumn Festival is a happy reunion!

18. If you dare to be unhappy on the Mid Autumn Festival, I will make your face colorful, your head vibrate, your ears chords, and your whole body straight. If you are depressed, you will be folded. If you dare, I will make you second-hand!

19. Warning: your hiding place has been exposed and locked by satellite positioning. A precision guided weapon has been activated, and it is rushing towards you with the power of stealing the bell. Don't be nervous. This is a blessing for you!

20. Seeing the bright moon, I think of you in the distance; Bathing in the warmth of Yuehui, you can feel your bright smile- Honey, I miss you.

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