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Greetings from grain of grain

Time: 2021-01-16 18:30:02 Grain of grain I want to contribute

28 greetings for grain in 2021

One year, the grain of grain came again and sent a short message to say hello. The weather is getting hot and the temperature is high. The mind is calm and the summer heat disappears naturally. Health is still very important. Don't work too hard. A good mood is better than good food. The following is about grain of grain blessing greetings 28, let's have a look.

 28 greetings for grain in 2021

1. Grain in ear season, let happiness grow in your heart, always happy; Let happiness grow in your life, forever beautiful; Let health grow in your body and live a long life forever; Let luck grow in your days, always good luck! Happy grain!

2. Grain grain season, blessing high heat wave; Harvest is indispensable, happiness to the tide; Happy to see, sweet double turn; Smile to brilliant, good luck to boundless; I wish you a smile and a sweet harvest! Happy grain!

3. In the grain growing season, people are nervous, and they are busy harvesting and sowing. While the grain has just entered the warehouse, while sowing sweat. The source of happiness is hard-working, and the grain is full to make a living. I wish you a bumper harvest in grain growing season, and every year is stronger than ever!

4. Grain of grain is busy planting, planting a sincere, harvest a sincere; Plant a careful, harvest a piece of intimate; Plant a love, harvest a happy; Plant a perseverance, harvest a joy! Grain season, you should be more careful, so that you can be satisfied!

5. When the grain growing season comes quietly, the golden wheat wave floats with the fragrance of wheat, and the birds in the field are singing in unison. The golden people are busy. Whenever they harvest, they are happy. Don't work too hard. Send a text message to say hello to you. I wish you more grain crops and happiness forever.

6. Seed of grain and grain, seed of happiness. Plant your ideal and reap your career. Plant the true feelings and harvest the love. Plant sunshine, harvest health. Plant auspicious, harvest peace. Plant love, harvest happiness!

7. To the grain of grain, blessing quickly send, send you happy seeds, wish you a happy life; Send you happy flowers, wish you fortune together; Send you a smooth sail, wish your career and family always rely on the safe shore; Grain crops solar term, I wish you plant happiness, harvest good luck.

8. Grain to, the wife planted in the field, to the autumn, harvest a lot of wives, a laundry, a beat back, a child, a money, not enough to plant next year, I wish friends a lot of harvest! Happy grain!

9. Wind blowing wheat fragrance spread thousands of miles, wheat grain season came again. Every household is busy, harvesting and sowing are not wrong. I can't stop the sweat from leaving early and returning late. The grain is full of grain, the harvest is in sight, and people are happy. Grain of grain has arrived, wish you happy resident!

10. The vast sea of people is a world of red, busy is a hard, flat light is a kind of happiness, simple is a free and easy. Grain in the grain, let us drift in the world, sublimate in the busy, contented in the plain, and happy in the simple. Grain of grain happiness, contentment is always happy!

11. Grain cob seeds are busy from day to night, harvesting grain and farming. People smell like mud, and their families are full of grain. Hard work to sow, joy, sweat money. This year, the wind and rain are smooth again, and the people's hearts are full of joy. Grain in ear, I wish you a lot of harvest and happiness.

12. Grain of grain solar term blessing you: happy very awn, leave a blessing; Drink very awfully, leave a sober; Work very awkwardness, stay a minute exercise; Luck is very full, leaving one point for tomorrow!

13. Although the weather has been hot after grain planting, the temperature is still unstable due to the influence of cold air in China. Nanjing also experienced low temperatures below 12 degrees. Therefore, don't collect cold clothes to avoid catching cold.

14. Sickle curved, will harvest happiness for you; The wheat waves roll, will bring good luck to you; Look at pieces of silver, is the brilliant color of success; Looking at big warehouses and small warehouses is a fruitful harvest; I wish you happiness in grain growing season!

15. Industrious on the road to wealth, to sweet to taste bitter. Busy spring breeze degree, grain grain grain arrival, valley full house. Take pains to exchange for a bumper harvest, people with a smile are happy. Grain of grain has arrived, wish you harvest full, happy infinite!

16. The sky is grey, the wild is boundless, the wind blows the wheat fragrance, the grain grain is planted; Harvest busy, farming busy, every household grain bin; Sweat, mood, happiness is not in the middle; Send SMS, send blessing, happy heart. Wish you harvest full of happiness, happy life!

17. The sky is grey, the wheat ears are yellow, and they often transplant rice seedlings to the grain. Red sorghum, rape yellow, every household grain full warehouse. Black earth, red sun, round sweat, rolling back. Grain of grain is busy, happy heart, industrious and rich new fashion!

18. Grain to seed, hard-working people succeed, lazy people fail; The tolerant race is happy, the narrow race is worried; People with foresight hope, those with myopia are disappointed; Fine people are beautiful, careless people are distressed; Friendship under warm race, loneliness under indifferent race. And I, plant miss, plant blessing: wish you happy!

19. Grain when the solar term Warm Yang, sweat like rain, summer air down, busy planting busy, close heart happy, a message sent cool, I wish you work again tired, happy mood, live in busy trouble light, take care of your health, grain crops solar term, wish you good luck!

20. Grain of grain, grain of grain, busy sowing, even if busy, also want to sow. Plant "happiness" every day and harvest "happiness" year after year; Plant the next "Hope" and harvest "success"; Plant the "SMS" one by one, and gain successive "blessings". Grain Festival, I wish friends happy countless, unlimited happiness, auspicious care!

21. One day, he worked hard all his life, and was busy looking forward to a little gain; A piece of work, a harvest, really do not expect much; A peaceful heart happy, happy and beautiful life, I wish you happiness and auspiciousness every day.

22. A short message, a sincere, wholeheartedly plant two lucky seeds for you, wish you a happy life and a lucky career. Happy every day. I wish you happiness.

23. When the grain of grain arrives, the harvest is wheat ears, and the people are happy; Happy companion, harvest is the mood, happy 'is you and me; Fortune goes hand in hand, the business is the harvest, and the family is happy; Friends accompany, harvest is friendship, happiness is everyone; I wish you a happy and happy life!

24. With a strong hoe, pick up a sharp sickle, pick up a strong basket, sow the seeds of happiness. I wish you a happy little day and a happy life.

25. The mosquito flies in the ear, and the virus is rampant. If you can get rid of mosquitoes and insects today, don't hesitate to send a message to you. Moxa grass can repel mosquitoes, and moxa smoke fumigation is good for your health. Traditional methods are still effective today, so don't hesitate to act quickly. I wish you good health, happiness and no worry!

26. The grain Festival is coming. I'll give you a blessing seed. If you plant melon, you will get happy melon; if you plant beans, you will get happy beans; if you plant grass, you will grow Lysimachia; if you plant trees, you will grow money trees; if you plant flowers, you will get rich flowers. Grain Festival, may you plant hope, harvest happiness and health!

27. Don't forget to keep in good health when the grain of grain arrives. You should go to bed late and get up early. You should have a strong body, proper sunshine, and vigorous Qi and blood; Small sleep at noon can eliminate fatigue, sweating in hot weather, wash clothes frequently. If you can often take a bath, you will be healthy every day. Grain of grain is happy.

28. When the grain of grain appeared, his feet were disordered and his hands were busy; The heat wave is rolling and the sweat is like slurry; A good harvest is in sight, full of vigor and vitality; Big warehouse, small warehouse, grain golden; Work at sunrise and rest at sunset; There is work and leisure, and health is well; Greetings, I wish you happiness!

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