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A summary of the work of primary school music teachers

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Model essay on the work summary of music teachers in grade one of primary schools (6 general articles)

Busy and substantial work has come to an end, this is a precious working time, we have gained a lot, it is time to write a work summary carefully. So how to write it? The following is a small editor to help you sort out the first grade primary school music teacher work summary model (6 general), I hope to help you.

 Model essay on the work summary of music teachers in grade one of primary schools (6 general articles)

Work summary of music teachers in grade one of primary school

Music teaching is an important part of primary education, which plays a positive role in cultivating children's sentiment and spiritual beauty. I am in charge of music teaching in preschool, grade one and grade three this semester. According to different grades, I have developed corresponding teaching methods, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. After unremitting efforts, I better completed the teaching content. In order to carry out the work better in the future, we summarize as follows:

I. major achievements:

1. Infiltrating ideological education. In this semester's music teaching work, we pay attention to the use of teaching materials and strengthen the music ideological education. Through teaching activities, students are taught to love life, music and noble sentiment. In the happy music sound, the children enjoy the beauty, love the beauty, be influenced by the beauty, love to learn and enjoy learning.

2. Students were trained to have a preliminary understanding of the rhythm, listening to the different melodies, listening to the up and down of the melody, the strength of the melody, and the command schema of the three beat and four beat.

3. The students' singing ability has been trained. They can sing songs with expressions accompanied by piano and tape, and can identify the characteristics of ethnic and folk music in some regions of China (such as Xinjiang).

4. Cultivate the students' ability of using body movements to make response in music.

5. Cultivate the enthusiasm and order of students to participate in music art activities, that is, most students can maintain good enthusiasm in music class, but also observe the state of discipline.

6. In the teaching work, on the basis of carefully preparing lessons, we should use model singing method and music art image to infect and inspire students' artistic image thinking, so that they can sing with emotion and complete ideological education through the infection of artistic image.

2. Existing problems:

Most of the students are only interested in singing teaching, but indifferent to music knowledge teaching; A few students are still timid and dare not "come out"; In terms of teaching methods, it is not carried out according to the requirements of the new curriculum standard, and there is still a cramming teaching method; In singing teaching, music score teaching is not carried out to the end.

3. Measures to be taken:

In order to solve these problems, we should cultivate students' interest in music, encourage students to express themselves boldly, look for extra-curricular music and songs students like, enrich teaching, and guide them to learn together in the form of collective cooperation. In terms of teaching methods, we should pay more attention to the concept of the new curriculum standard, further improve teaching skills, use lively teaching methods, actively infiltrate the concept of music education, apply the concept of modern education to teaching, make the classroom lively and let children jump.

In teaching, we should adhere to the aesthetic education as the core, pay attention to the cultivation of students' interest in music, hobbies and emotions. We should try our best to cultivate sentiment, enlighten wisdom and stimulate students' interest and pursuit of beauty through music education. Focus on students as the theme, so that students in the happy music practice activities (listening, watching, singing, discussion, association, imagination and rhythm), take the initiative to discover, explore, feel, understand and express music, and create music on a certain basis. In order to overcome the above problems, the following are mainly done:

1. Carefully prepare lessons, study the new curriculum standard, and do a good job of preparation before and after the new curriculum standard, and pay attention to the preparation of students when preparing lessons.

2. Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, pay attention to different teaching methods for different students, so that students can fully develop, especially encourage timid students.

3. Design the introduction of each class to improve students' interest in learning.

4. The design of classroom form is diverse, full of knowledge, interest, exploration and challenge.

5. Arouse the enthusiasm of the students.

6. Actively communicate with other disciplines, actively study discipline integration and respond to the requirements of the new curriculum standard.

7. Watch and listen to the lessons of the tutor and other school teachers, and sum up the experience.

The above is my summary of music teaching this semester. If there is something inappropriate, please criticize and correct it.

Work summary of music teachers in grade one of primary school 2

The busy semester has passed. This semester, I was in charge of music teaching in grade one. As a new teacher, I review the education and teaching work of this period, and I have made achievements, but also have many shortcomings. Here, I make a review and summary of my thoughts and work in this semester, so as to promote the better education and teaching work in the future.

1. Teaching:

1. Serious lesson preparation: this semester, I adopt the form of written lesson preparation. According to the requirements, there are unit teaching objectives and textbook analysis. Each lesson also has teaching objectives, teaching key and difficult points, teaching preparation and detailed teaching process and teaching reflection. Make the teaching plan carefully: Based on the analysis of the students of each grade and the understanding of the teaching materials, and based on the music curriculum standard, formulate the corresponding teaching plan. Of course, the teaching plan should be more detailed according to the law of children's physical and mental development and the actual situation of children.

Reflection: in the course of lesson preparation, we have not been able to fully understand and grasp the teaching materials, and the presupposition of students' activities is not comprehensive enough. We should increase the analysis of students' situation before preparing for lessons, so as to be more comprehensive and perfect in lesson preparation.

2. Make the teaching plan carefully: Based on the analysis of the students of each grade and the understanding of the teaching materials, and based on the music curriculum standard, formulate the corresponding teaching plan.

Reflection: the teaching plan should be more detailed according to the law of children's physical and mental development and the actual situation of children.

3. Serious class: pay attention to cultivate students' learning habits, such as listening to music, standing up to say hello, listening to the corresponding music to keep quiet. According to the preparation of lesson preparation, the implementation of teaching activities, the completion of teaching objectives, the end of this semester, most students can achieve excellence. At the same time, I also pay attention to the cultivation of students' learning habits and learning methods and the mobilization of their enthusiasm, adhere to the aesthetic education as the core, pay attention to cultivate students' interest in music, pay attention to students as the main body, so that students can actively discover, explore, feel, understand and express music, and create music on a certain basis. Teachers must be good at entering students' emotional world, treat themselves as students' friends, get along with students equally, feel their joys and sorrows, and let the beautiful music touch their heartstrings, so that music and children's heart closer. Let music really become their friends, let every student love music, like music.

Reflection: in classroom teaching, although there are pre-set teaching objectives and detailed process, students' answers can not be carried out completely according to the wishes of teachers, which puts forward new requirements for teachers to make effective evaluation on students' answers in a timely and flexible manner, which is what I need to improve in the future teaching; In addition, in the formulation of teaching objectives and teaching key and difficult points, we should combine with the actual situation of students, not too difficult or too simple. In addition to activating the classroom atmosphere, we should let students really participate in music activities, so that students can produce and maintain a strong interest in music... These are the areas I should strive for and improve in the future work.

4. Serious assessment: according to the school's final examination system, students should be carefully assessed.

Reflection: the way of testing and evaluation is relatively single, which is not conducive to the overall improvement of children's music quality. This is what I should think and strive for in my future work.

5. After class reflection: in this semester, due to the low efficiency of cross disciplinary and cross grade listening and evaluation, although there are many times of listening, the reflection is not profound and specific. In improving their own teaching ability, it is not enough to do, some excellent teachers' lessons can not be recorded and summarized in time, leaving a regret in the teaching work.

2、 Education

This semester, I am in charge of music teaching for grade one. In terms of education and teaching, I use the unique strength of the discipline to educate students' thoughts, respect their 'personality, let them be independent, and guide and educate students in all aspects.

3、 Strive for goals

1. Strengthen the training of my own music quality, and find out a suit of my own specialty and teaching method.

2. In the teaching process, we should teach the lessons steadfastly, use various methods to cultivate the students' various abilities and ideological progress, strive for more open classes and participate in activities, so as to temper themselves.

4. Future plans:

As always, we should actively carry out the teaching work organized by the school and teach every class well. I am diligent, down-to-earth, optimistic as their standard of conduct, always spur and encourage themselves. We should be strict with ourselves in thought, study, work and life, and develop our own advantages in all aspects.

In short, in the future work, we should continue to work hard to do a good job in music teaching. At the same time, we should continue to carry out various art education and students' interest training in order to improve the artistic accomplishment of all students; Improve the construction of the second classroom teams, and contribute to the construction of our school's art education.

Generally speaking, I haven't done enough in the teaching work this semester. As a new teacher, I still need to improve in many aspects. I should ask other teachers for advice and study with an open mind, participate in the activities of listening and evaluating classes, and strive to make my classroom teaching more mature, and further improve my understanding and grasp of students and teaching materials.

Work summary of music teachers in grade one of primary school 3

Music teaching is an important part of primary education, which plays a positive role in cultivating children's sentiment and spiritual beauty. Music education should stimulate students' interest in learning throughout the teaching process. In this academic year, the school arranged music lessons for me in grade one. For junior students, I focused on rhythm and intonation training, and conducted music reading teaching appropriately, so that students could feel the beauty of music in rhythm and rhythm.

First, starting from the taste, let the students get the Enlightenment of beauty

When the students were just beginning to touch the basic scale, I wrote seven notes on the blackboard, marked the roll names with Chinese Pinyin, and then taught the students to understand the notes one by one, accompanied by the piano, and sang along with them. After a period of training, although the basic ability to read and sing, but the intonation, especially the semitone, is still not good. It doesn't interest children in this way. At this time, I according to the characteristics of the children, mainly to "listen" to stimulate interest: students are divided into two groups to play games. One group of students clapped their hands and called 4, while the other group stamped their feet and sang FA; Clap your hand again and call 6; The other group sang la; Clap your hand again and call 7; Another group of students sing si... After repeated this many times, there are not only changes and combinations of intervals, but also a question and answer game, which not only trains the students' sense of intonation, but also cultivates their attention and gradually arouses their interest in learning. The characteristics of newly enrolled students are active. If students are allowed to sit still in a class, they will not be able to sit still. Therefore, when students can basically sing a song, they should choose appropriate action coordination. For example, when teaching and singing the song "big drum and small drum", I choose simple and appropriate movements, teach students to sing and dance, combined with "body rhythm", for training. At this time, students can be required to do the movements of beating big and small drums in the music. When I teach all the movements of this song, the students will fully grasp the lyrics and understand the content of the song.

Second, aesthetic education should be carried out from the goal of education

Most of the songs in the primary school music textbooks in China are excellent works that have passed the test of time. In my teaching, let students fully understand the content of songs, experience the thoughts and feelings expressed by songs, so as to achieve the purpose of aesthetic education. For example, when teaching students how to sing "the national flag is really beautiful", I first asked to listen to the "National Anthem" and show the pictures with the flag flying. Then, combined with the illustrations in the textbook or the flag raising ceremony on campus, I guided the students to understand that the national flag is the symbol of our country. Then, teach the students to read the lyrics. According to the lyrics, let the students find out which words and words in the song should be read more seriously. Introduce the meaning of the national flag to the students in vivid language, and tell them what to pay attention to when raising the national flag? How to salute the national flag. I lead the students to sing with expression, and finally make a summary: the national flag is the symbol of our country. If we love and respect the national flag, we love our country and ourselves.

Third, from the creation of situation, let students accept aesthetic education in a happy atmosphere

When I teach the duration of notes, let students feel the duration of quarter notes and the rhythm characteristics of 42 beats through their own walking steps. Then, through the students' life experience of "running faster than walking", "one step can run two steps", "running and running", as well as the walking sound of the small alarm clock "ticking" to recognize the time value of the octave. Junior students do not have the concept of score, they often can't understand the octave is shorter than the quarter note, and it is easy to remember wrongly. In the explanation, I use a piece of paper, cut one into two, take out one of them (write the diaeresis on it), and tell the students to cut a piece of paper, and one of them is like a diaeresis. I still use a piece of paper to cut it into four or eight pieces, which represent quarter notes and octaves. In this way, students can easily understand the fact that the quaver is shorter than the quarter note. In order to make the simple rhythm practice more interesting, I also selected some short songs with 8 or 6 bars that children are familiar with. The students clapped their hands in the order of practice, and I played the melody on the piano. Through the above exercises, we can not only combine simple rhythm practice with melody, increase musicality and interest, but also cultivate children's ability to clap hands with the rhythm of music. Starting from the image and intuition, let the children get the feeling and association of beauty.

It is worth mentioning that our grade one has made great progress in singing this semester. Under the influence of regular reminders and examples in music lessons, children initially learned to sing with a good voice without shouting. They could keep singing in the correct posture under the teacher's reminding. When the whole class sang, the voice was more harmonious.

A hard work, a harvest, this semester's efforts are not in vain. It plays an important role in students' emotional development, harmonious consciousness and skills, self-confidence, etc. I believe that through continuous efforts, the music features of the lower grades will reach a new level!

Work summary of music teachers in grade one of primary school 4

The children of grade one love life and music. Most of them have a strong sense of music and certain aesthetic ability. They can basically dance and sing along with the rhythm of music, and have a strong interest in learning. The second volume of music teaching work I follow the new curriculum standards, infiltrate music quality education, cultivate children's sentiment with music, enlighten children's soul, let children love music, feel the beauty of music. In teaching, we should pay attention to excavate the connotation of teaching materials and move the hearts of children with the rhythm and melody of music.

1、 Tasks completed

The second volume is rich in content. It is divided into "listening, performing, editing and creating, and activities". It includes "songs in spring", "we go to travel", "nursery rhymes and children's interest", "hometown songs", "in the zoo", "this friend is wonderful", "in happy days" and "little animation city". Some sing about the happy campus, some sing about the beautiful childhood, some sing about the beautiful nature and so on, and some minority music. In terms of material selection, there are nursery rhymes, foreign famous songs and campus songs. There are cheerful, beautiful, lyrical... All kinds of songs are in line with children's taste. All the teaching contents have been completed according to the course objectives.

1. The songs in spring include "spring Herald", "Dili Dili", "Cuckoo Waltz" and "little swallow" to cultivate children's love for spring and their interest in life. In the teaching, I sang songs, listened to the melody, and performed with actions.

2. We go to travel, including "tour bus", "Jiangnan Haohao" and "duel song", which mainly cultivate our love for the motherland, nature and life. For this group of teaching materials, I adopted the singing form of solo and chorus to cultivate interest, with accurate rhythm and melody. Patriotism education should be carried out in music to cultivate feelings for the motherland.

3. Nursery rhymes, including nursery rhymes and village houses, are melodious, pleasant and full of children's interests. This group of content focuses on the cultivation of students' happy mood, as well as the love of learning and life.

4. The ballads of my hometown, including "there is a yellow crane tower in my hometown" and "painting the Three Gorges", are full of strong colors of national music. It is important to cultivate students' love for their hometown and stimulate their sense of pride.

5. In the zoo, including "in the zoo" and "to the bear's house", I asked the children to dance and sing, cultivate their sentiment in the beautiful music, cultivate their feelings for animals, and the interest of harmonious coexistence between people and themselves.

6. This friend is wonderful, including "this friend is wonderful", "what is this", etc., which stimulates the students' love and exploration of science. Among them, for the students' favorite song "what is this", the students and I created the action together.

7. In the happy days, in the study of this lesson, combined with the children's day of June 1, I also let the students enjoy the song "happy festival" and teach and sing the song of the Chinese young pioneers, so that students can fully feel the joy of the festival and the pride of being a young pioneer.

8. The small animation city includes "people call me Donald Duck" and "the song of the flower fairy". These music are widely spread with beautiful melody and are loved to see. Students feel happy in singing.

2、 Ideological Education

In teaching, we should pay attention to the use of teaching materials and infiltrate quality education and ideological education. Teach students to love life, love music and have noble sentiment. Through music education, children can enjoy beauty, love beauty, live happily, study happily, accept actively, love learning and enjoy learning.

3、 Teaching methods

Further improve teaching skills, have good teaching methods, actively infiltrate music ideas, apply modern education theory to teaching, make the classroom active, let the children jump up and sing. In the teaching, we should study the curriculum standard carefully, design the teaching plan carefully, and teach scientifically, so as to achieve the requirements of the curriculum standard. The use of solo, singing, dancing, clapping and other means, let the classroom live, let the whole classroom full of happiness.

Music is taught every two weeks. Review for a week. Prepare lessons in advance, plan, reflect, prepare teaching aids carefully, summarize after class and summarize at the end of the term. The teaching task is well completed.

Work summary of music teachers in grade one of primary school 5

This semester, I served as a music class in two classes of grade one. In a flash, the teaching work of the semester was over. Looking back on the teaching work of this semester, there are some achievements as well as some shortcomings. Now the teaching work of this semester is summarized as follows, in order to better carry out the work in the future.

I. achievements and experience

1. Completed the music teaching task of this semester on time and with good quality.

2. Stimulate and cultivate students' interest in music learning in teaching.

3. Develop students' perception of music and experience the beauty of music in class.

4. Students can sing naturally and expressively, and are willing to participate in other music performance and improvisation activities.

5. Cultivate students' optimistic attitude and friendly spirit.

Methods and measures

1. In order to make students enjoy music class easily and happily, encourage them to show good quality. Try to catch students' attention with good design. The behavior of disrupting the classroom order is also criticized and corrected in good faith.

2. Better cultivate students' interest in music.

3. Give them a more relaxed environment.

4. Collect and collect all kinds of music culture materials from the Internet, so that students can listen to, see and contact with excellent music, increase their knowledge from children's songs and get more aesthetic feelings.

3. Deficiencies and the direction of future efforts

Primary school music class should let students do more rhythm, but I feel that once the students rhythm, too many students in the classroom, activity space is narrow, the classroom is easy to be confused. So I have too little rhythm in class, which is not good. In the future, students should be allowed to move as much as possible in the music class of lower grades, which can not only improve students' interest in music, but also improve their expression and creativity.

A summary of the work of music teachers in grade one of primary schools

In the twinkling of an eye, this semester's work is coming to an end. I like such a sentence: "thank you for the harvest of this year, which is a well deserved reward for all the sweat."; Thank you for the hard work of this year, which is an indispensable experience on the road of growth; Thank you for this year's failure, which is the reason why we must work hard in the next year. " These words spur me and encourage me. The work of this semester is summarized as follows:

1、 Political and ideological work

Love their own work, actively participate in all kinds of learning activities organized by the school, and strive to improve their political level and professional level. At the same time, help and unite colleagues in the group. Obey the work arrangement of the school, cooperate with the leaders and teachers to do the work inside and outside the school. At the same time try to do not ask for leave, less leave, have things and class teacher, do not delay a class.

This semester, I continued to work as the duty week of campus 2. As a freshman, the children are young and have poor self-care ability. The topography of the teaching building is very complex. At the same time, the occupancy of the children's palace has increased the workload of the duty week, and ensuring the safety of students has become the top priority of the work. Therefore, I come early and leave late every day, stick to my post, and patrol the building during recess and two exercises to ensure the normal order in the teaching building and the personal safety of students during school.

2、 Teaching work

This semester, I continued to be a freshman in music teaching. This semester, the students initially had the concept of pitch and time value, and the rhythm was stable. On the one hand, I guide students to sing with good posture, correct breathing, accurate pronunciation, clear articulation and enunciation; On the other hand, students are required to achieve natural sound and mellow timbre, constantly improve the artistic skills of singing, improve the understanding ability of music image on the basis of mastering intonation and rhythm, cultivate good hearing and create "ears" of music. In daily teaching, I insist on doing a good job before class, making full preparation carefully, carefully designing teaching plan, and combining with the reality of each class, flexibly teach each class, and try to complete the content of the class in the same class. Different types of classes and different classes adopt different methods to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, activate the classroom atmosphere and improve the quality of teaching. With the completion of the final teaching task, the teaching of staff notation has been added. Now the students have been able to identify and try to sing simple melody, which has laid a solid foundation for the band and chorus of grade one. At the same time, I also actively communicate with the head teacher to understand students, improve teaching methods, and use the network, books and various information channels to expand teaching resources.

3、 Special team

This semester, with the strong support of the school leaders, I assisted Mr. Wang to train two new year's orchestras, and completed the purchase of musical instruments. It can be said that the task is relatively large. We are full of enthusiasm, high sense of responsibility, concentrate on the training, to achieve: strict, meticulous, practical. At the same time, we should do a good job in students' ideological work. In the training, we should create a positive and progressive atmosphere, pay attention to the effectiveness of time, and strive to make progress every day. Through training, students have made great progress in different aspects, learning enthusiasm has been improved, and team awareness has also been enhanced.

4、 Other work

1. In the performance of the opening ceremony of the school sports meeting, he conducted the sixth grade band to play the national anthem, which added a beautiful scenery to the sports meeting; And served as the referee of the long jump.

2. Act as the judge of dressing and packing schoolbags in the first grade labor skill competition, and be fair and just.

3. Go out to study twice. Longgang District music teacher training experience and provincial wind music teacher conductor training.

4. Participated in the provincial and municipal scientific research project opening meeting and participated in two scientific research projects.

5. Actively participate in the interesting sports activities organized by the trade union and achieve outstanding results. At the same time, with the efforts of all music teachers, table tennis won the first place.

6. Actively cooperate with dance teams and chorus teams in district and city competitions, and be responsible for makeup and student discipline.

In the new semester, I would like to meet you with 100 times of effort! May luck and sunshine fill the future.

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