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Topic composition

Unit composition

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 Topic composition
The beginning of primary school students' spring outing composition

1. One spring morning, the teacher took us to the spring outing. 2. Spring is coming, walking with light steps. Whether it is flowers, plants, insects, fish, or rivers and mountains are waking up. In this beautiful spring day, we came to the beautiful Beihai Park. 3. In the third month of the lunar calendar, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and the earth is like putting on flower clothes. Pink peach blossom race to open

 Primary school composition
500 words in the composition of the Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival composition 500 words the first article may 5, is the Dragon Boat Festival this children's song, we should be most familiar with it. No, the children on the street are singing now. Why? Because the annual Dragon Boat Festival has come. Today, grandma took me to the morning market to buy zongzi. Just to the morning market, a smell of vanilla came to the noodles. Then, one by one exquisite sachets came into view

 Junior high school composition
Frustration composition: frustration is a fortune

Frustration is a wealth. Some people say that money is a wealth, some say that confidence is a wealth, some say love is a wealth. I think frustration is a fortune. As the saying goes, failure is the mother of success. I agree with you. If you don't experience pain and frustration, how can you exchange success and victory? Like Edison. At that time, there was no electric light, every household used

 High school composition
High school students' compositions eulogizing their mother's affection

Introduction: my mother's sweet smile appeared in my mind, suddenly I understood that it was the mother's love, as if a warm breeze warm my heart. The following small series of high school students to eulogize the mother's family relationship composition, welcome to refer to! The most precious feeling in the world is family affection. How many people praise it enthusiastically, how many people wait until it is lost, then know the pity. So we should cherish it, because home is a kind of affection and a warm home. Father is a strong mountain at home, mother is a small river, the mountain embraces the river, the river moistens the mountain, and I was born in the mountain, growing in the river. Big mountain

 Unit composition
Observe the beans-

I've always wanted to see how beans germinate. On Monday, I began to soak beans. Looking for a cup, add water, I picked up a black bean, carefully put into the cup. Plop! Pick up a peanut, plop! Another black bean and a peanut were put into the cup one after another. Although these four

 English composition
English composition

English writing can best reflect the students' Comprehensive English level, which is a kind of ability that we should focus on in our usual study. The following is a share of English composition for you. Welcome to learn from it! ˇˇˇˇ1. My winter holidayˇˇˇˇMy winter holiday is very dull. I stay at home for most of time. sometimes i visit my friends and play basketball with them. sometimes we ...

 Genre composition
Reading notes of three biographies of giant

What do you get when you have a good taste of a masterpiece? Sit down and take notes. So do you really know how to write book notes? The following is a small collection of giant three biography reading notes model (selected 6), for reference only, welcome to read. Three biographies of the giant reading notes 1

 Composition material
Health preservation in dog days

The dog days in 2015 start from July 13 of the Gregorian calendar and May 28 of the lunar calendar in 2015. The third dog days start from the third day of the seventh day after the summer solstice, which is called the first day of the day (10 days); The fourth day of the summer solstice is called the mid autumn (10 days, there are also 20 days), the first day after the beginning of autumn is the last day (10 days), and then the seasonal changes begin to enter autumn. These 30 days, please don't

 Composition instruction
The evolution of the ancient name of Beijing

More than 1000 BC, when King Wu of Zhou destroyed the Shang Dynasty and enfeoffed the princes, the northern state of Yan moved its capital to Jicheng, hence the name Ji. This place name lasted for a long time, not only recorded in historical books, but also confirmed in unearthed cultural relics, and a series of place names were derived, such as Jimen, Jiqiu, Jiyuan, Jicheng, etc

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