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Before the Zhou Dynasty, the most famous proverb was Huang Di's Jin Ren Ming. From the form of its carrier, it should be one of the sources of the motto: first, it uses the very vivid Jin people's reticence to warn the world of caution and blindness. 2、 It engraves the inscriptions on the back of the Jin people. If it is not destroyed, it can be used as a rule for all ages. 3、 It is clearly stated in the article that "in the Zhou Dynasty of Confucius, before observing the right side of the imperial temple, there are golden people.". That is to say, the place where the golden man is placed is on the right side of the steps. This is the same as the essence of the motto. In fact, the Jin Ren Ming itself is a large-scale motto.

Mottos originally refer to the proverbs written by the ancients and placed on the right side of their seats. Later, they generally refer to the mottos that people inspire and warn themselves as a guide to action. In history, many Chinese and foreign celebrities have their own "motto". Almost all the successful people at all times and in all over the world have their own life motto - motto.


one Historical evolution

The earliest "motto" recorded in historical records and classics is probably the "Jin Ren Ming" (refer to his reticence) and the inscriptions engraved by King Wu of Zhou Dynasty on the objects around him to warn himself.

"Taigong Golden Chamber" records: King Wu asked his teacher Shangfu: "can you hear the five emperors' precepts? Shi Shangfu said: Huang diyun: to the people, shaking fear not to the evening Dynasty, so the Jin people are reticent, cautious words also. Yao residents, vibration as if in the abyss. Shun residents, such as walking on thin ice. Yu residents, chestnut (Yinli) such as dissatisfaction. Tang residents, wings fear not rest. I heard that Tao is born from the micro, and the disaster from the micro. Be careful with the beginning and the end, like Jincheng. Respect is better than laziness, and righteousness is better than desire. If you are careful with your day, you will never die. King Wu said: I follow my teacher and respect my father's words. Because of careful inscriptions and self-discipline, the crown of the book says: pet the first, and leave the wrong body as a moral fault. The book said: action must be considered, no fluke. Calligraphy and sword said: we should serve soldiers, and conduct morality. If we do it, we will be blessed; if we abolish it, we will cover it. Book mirror said: with the mirror, you know good or bad. The book cart said: from the urgent, people slow, take desire unlimited, from the opposite. King Wu said: I want to make the commandments of daily life, and then I will use my body. The book of Ji says (Ji, the thing that the ancients relied on when sitting, and its shape is similar to today's tea table): there is no forgetting danger in safety, or forgetting death, which is the only two, which will lead to no harm. The book of the staff says: no fault in helping others, no blame for helping others. The book of the door said: when you meet your guests, you can't be different. Hu's book said: out of fear, people fear it. The book of Yao said: peep at the judgment, and read, can think forget. The key of the book said: carefully guard, deep inspection error also. Research book said: graphite phase, evil slander, no pollution white. Shu Feng said: endure for a moment, but all your body. The book knife says: the knife is sharp and covered with white, which can't be opened for you. Shujing said: the source of slippery (sound guru), even drought is Jue, take things often, Fu Lianjie. The halberd of the crossbow is the wing, and the book of the crossbow is: when you see a long journey, you will be able to do it with the person who is in charge of martial arts. Reward one person and thousands of people like it; Reward two people and ten thousand people like it; Reward three people and reward them if they are advised by the three armies; If you kill one person and a thousand people are afraid of it, kill it; If two people are killed and ten thousand people move, kill them; If three people are killed and the army shakes up, kill them; Bend down one person, stretch ten thousand people above. King Wu said, "please write the gold plate.".

In the long history, today, "motto" has developed from the original inscriptions on utensils to "Jue" (wine barons, utensils like sparrows, which sing "Chuo" and homophonic "Jie", meaning to control drinking), utensils and so on. To today's writing, many "styles" have evolved, which are thought-provoking and have profound implications for people.

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two Related statements

Why is this motto written out next to your seat or somewhere else called a motto? There are two different legends.

One of the statements

It's like this: in the Song Dynasty, there was a man named Wu Jie who liked history books very much. He copied down all the things recorded in history books that could be learned from experience and put them on the right side of his seat, which was called "motto". Inscriptions are words engraved on utensils to record one's life, career or to be alert to oneself. For a long time, his house even the walls and windows were covered with mottos and aphorisms. Then it spread slowly^ The content of "motto" is not only the past that can be used for reference, and the form is not limited to the right side of the seat.

Statement 2

It is a story about Confucius, a great educator in ancient China.

According to the ancient books, the vessel is a kind of peculiar wine container. When it is empty, it inclines to one side. When it is filled with most of the cans, it will stand up steadily. When it is full, it will turn over. This kind of song instrument gives people the enlightenment that they can't be complacent and that complacency means somersault.

Duke Huan of Qi, one of the five great masters in the spring and Autumn period, liked this kind of musical instrument very much before his death. On the right side of his seat, there was always a jar to warn himself against conceit. After the death of Duke Huan of Qi, when the state built a temple for him, he did not forget to put it in the temple for people to worship their ancestors.

Once, Confucius took his students to the temple to worship. When he saw this kind of utensils, he felt very strange, so he asked the people who were in charge of incense and fire in the temple. Guan Xianghuo's people told him that this was a Q ┤) The device. Confucius then remembered the story of Duke Huan of Qi. He pointed to the utensils and said to the students, "when the utensil is empty, tilt it. Pour wine or water into it. When it is half done, it will stand upright. When it is full, it will tilt again. So in the past, Duke Huan of Qi always put the utensil on the right side of his seat to warn himself against conceit. Complacency is like a jar full of water, which must be tilted upside down^ With that, he asked the students to take water and pour it into the utensil. As expected, everything is just as Confucius said. Confucius also said to the students: "reading is the same, modest benefit, full loss. You must keep it in mind^ Back home, Confucius also asked someone to make a utensil on the right side of his seat to warn him that he was never too old to learn. In the northern and Southern Dynasties, the famous scientist Zu Chongzhi also made a utensil for Xiao Ziliang, the son of Emperor Wu of Qi, and it was very successful.

It may be that this kind of song instrument was lost later, or it may be that later generations felt that they could express their thoughts more accurately with words, so they were replaced by words carved on metal and placed beside their seats. The inscriptions in the study are not all metal admonition words, but also many aphorisms and epigrams.

Statement 3

Cui yuan of the Eastern Han Dynasty killed his enemy and fled alone. Later, the court pardoned him and returned to his hometown. When you know that you have made a mistake, you should put it on the right side of your seat for self-discipline. Later, it was called "motto".

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